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    4 Modded Sega Saturns *pal Uk Only*

    Hi, I can't sell any of my Saturns on Ebay, no matter how I word it. So I wondered anyone here interested ? Each unit has 2 original Euro games (nothing fancy) a controller, power cable and RF Cable. £60 each plus P&P. (about £12 recorded) :lol: How do I get myself into these situations :lol:
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    Svc Chaos In Gngeo

    Hi, I have the version of SVC Chaos, which is apparantly supported in GNGeo, however I cannot get it to work. The contents of the romset are named differently to the ROMRC list (I have tried renaming) however I don't know if another set exists (I know there are hacks which have...
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    Import Games Stores

    Like the topic says, where else can I shop online for retrogaming and imports. Specifically Saturn...
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    Sd Card Low Level Format

    Hi, I remember a while back that people were recommending a pc app for reformatting sd cards that were no longer recognised... My no name 256 card has stopped being visible on my 2x, although it still works fine in windows and OSX. Can anyone remember / recommend some freeware app for a low...
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    A Different Flavour Of Bricking...

    Hi all, I was messing around, making a new skin for the GP2X, the most recent imgall.gpu ran with sucess, but since then although the menu functions fine, the screens overwrite each other and I can't read my SD card. So far, I tried formatting the card, and then fresh batteries, and yet...
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    Snes9x Setup

    Hi, Ok, I have searched threads and still can't get any closer to understanding how to make the latest version of snes9x run. Can someone give me a walk through ? :rolleyes:
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    Psycle Modular Music Creation Studio

    So I'm not really into begging others into doing my work and I have an OK knowledge of C++ (not nearly enough to make this port though) and LiitlePig tracker is already underway, but: Am I the only one who thinks that Psycle Tracker on the gp32 would be exciting ? Soft synths, VST...
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    Palette Troubles

    Hi, Quiest and myself have a small problem with my minigame: When other minigames run (that use FPG files) they automaticaly set the palette. when my Fenix game (which draws it's graphics in vectors and has no FPG files) runs it then has the wrong colour space. My game needs to somehow load a...
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    Runtime Error

    Yo, Having finished my minigame for Quiest I thought I'd test it on real hardware before I make the neccessary changes for him to integrate it, anyway, I get a spanish error from the runtime which states (I think) that: the DCB is not version 2 or compatible. I use a mac port of the...
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    Functions ?

    Yo, I'm cleaning up my code at the moment and wondered if it's possible to emulate functions somehow, I read that you can do it in DIV by 'Sleeping' and 'Wakeup'ing processes, and passing parameters into the process. However, when I try and pass parameters into a process Fenix throws a...
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    So far I have been drawing directly to 0,0 - screen background; is it possible to draw to a drawing map that exists as a 'layer' on top of what is drawn to the background screen ? I have been playing with a map cloned from the background map but whenever I draw to it the whole screen goes...
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    Support Docs

    Hey, I'm using a Mac compiler with a text editor for my fenix 'ide' so I haven't got font colouring, help docs etc. I downloaded XML Commands and Language ref files from the official Fenix page, which won't work with my browser and I got a pdf version of the commands and language refs from...
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    Osnes9x Blu+ Freezes

    Although I am well-pleased to finally have this great emu on my GP32, I have been experiencing crashes under the following circumstances: Changing settings from the menu after loading a rom Playing any rom for more than 5 minutes I am running the default setup and overclocking at 166MHZ...
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    GP32 Devving On Osx

    Hi, Right, I have got my head around the nature of the various software required to develop software for the GP32. The problem that I now have is finding an IDE for the MAC OSX that I can use with Devkitarm_Osx and MR Mirkos SDK. Anyone got any ideas ? [Edit] Right I've got JGrasp as an IDE...
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    GP32 Relationship Between Toolchain, Sdk And Compiler

    As the topic suggests, can someone explain the relationship between the C++ Compiler, SDK and Toolchain in lay terms? Eg: C++ is the language The compiler turns the source into the executable The toolchain is a set of 'tools' (whatever them might be...) is the compiler part of the toolchain...
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    Osnes9xgp Off The Downloads ?

    OSnes9xGP seems to have gone from the downloads, I remember Yoyofrg replying to a post on another board in Feb saying that he would be BLU+ fixing it when he got a moment... Or has it just been taken down because of the HEX-edit overclocked versions in the beta section of the boards. hmmmm...