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    Gba Cheats?

    Because i couldn't get any answers in the german forum, here another try in english (and sorry for mistakes): I really like the GBA-Emu, but i don't have any idea how to use the cheat-function. In the readme of "gpSP-0.9-2Xb-u6-wiz" is the following text: Sounds good, but i cannot find any...

    Firmware 1.2.6

    Attention: some users had trouble installing this upgrade. In some cases, it bricked their Wiz, so use at your own risk. (Edit by Alex, 18-09-2010) --- Firmware 1.2.6 is available: 1. Performance Improvement A. Clock Settings B. SD Card in/out adjustment 2...

    Frontend/gamebrowser For Emulators

    Hi everybody, first, i am new here and my english ist not very good, sorry. :/ I have a wiz and use it mainly for emulation. I am enjoying playing games of my childhood, and, more than that, i like the feeling to have these games in my pocket. A piece of childhood on the way, sort of. :) I...