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  1. Klaue

    PND locations?

    Okay, this might be a stupid questions, but.. from where can you get PNDs? I mean, there was once a link on the pandora HP that pointed to, I think, But here in the forums, every second PND is in another place. A quick search gives...
  2. Klaue

    The Software Suggestion Thread

    Hey there I occasionally get ideas on programs that would be great to have on the pandora. Not allready existing programs that should be ported, mind you, but new stuff. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. So I thought, why not make a thread to collect such ideas just in case a dev gets...
  3. Klaue

    Updater for PNDs?

    I just read the tread abead err about preparing stuff for when the pandora arrives and thought "yeah well, I collect the PNDs and when the Pandora finally arrives they're all outdated.." Then it struck me.. One of the things I liked the most about Linux is that all applications come from the...
  4. Klaue

    Cheat Engine

    Hokay, before I even begin, let me explain my stance on cheating in games to keep flaming low :) Im my opinion, there are two main types of cheating: Cheating offline and cheating online. The latter means cheating in multiplayer games (or cheating to push up your score and submit it in flash...