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    Pc Problem...

    Figured out. I guess my lcd monitor is just messing up, andby luck its probably a few days of warnaty
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    Pc Problem...

    I recently bought a 1gig stick of ram for my PC, and rather it has any relevance or not I do not know, but recently I have been noticed several lines of red dots going down my screen, and text being blured in programs I run, or any games. I didn't notice any of this before I bought the ram...
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    Is This Possible?

    I have a WoW subsciption currently, I don't really play that often anymore besides pvp. However, my guild has a ventrilo radio station type thing, and I was wondering if it would be possible to make a program that displayed the name of the song each time it changed in vent in guild chat. Would...
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    Smokey Gp2x

    Some times you just have to shove things in holes you see fit.
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    Zombies Vs Pirates

    A rainbow sprinkle zombie wins, no contest
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    Mame Gp2x 3.9

    I want to test it>_<, but my rechargables died on me.
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    Mac Os 9 Skin Update For 3.0

    I noticed 3.0 and thought it may not work with 2.1, but I am going to have to check out now. I am still using a really really old halo skin atm.
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    C# Help

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    C# Help

    I am trying write some C# code, that finds all the prime numbers between 1-100 and I cannot figure out how to reconize that the numbers are prime. Any help suggestions? I also need to average them afterwards, I have no problem doing that though, and I know what the prime numbers from 1-100 are...
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    Gph Is Working On A New Handheld (codename: Gpx3)

    ^HAHA..... I got a great laugh out of that paper one.
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    Sure is=) I found the problem was that I renamed my bios gba_bios.bin , but whenever I went to load the gpe it already added the .bin to it so the file named ended up being gba_bios.bin.bin
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    Purple I like your style!
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    I have a quick question if anyone wouldn't mind helping with. I have bios in gpsp directory and whenever I go to load a rom it just hangs at a blank screeen. Is this a possible bios problem, or does me still using 2.0 firmware have some thing to do with it
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    [gba] Public Release Of Gpsp2x! Dynarec'd And All!

    Am I doing something wrong? Here is how I have my directory set up: H:\emu\gpsp_v9008 This has the gpsp directory with roms and bios in it, is that correct? But I also have src file in it, is that source code? Should also mention that I am still running on 2.0. The problem I am having is...
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    Xpdf - Fast Pdf Reader For Gp2x Released!

    I have tried mutiple pdfs , but they were all downloaded from my eCollege. I'll try another one and re-edit this post.
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    Xpdf - Fast Pdf Reader For Gp2x Released!

    I am currently trying to view a pdf for my college course and every time I click on it and then click open it just takes me back to the screen with no pdf loading=(. Any idea what the problem would be?
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    At lik-sang I have had no problems at all ,but I play asia im having a horrible time with there shipping. I ordered three things on september 24th. two of them got there on the 17th of this month and the other one apperently wont be here till some time early november. They lost my buisness after...
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    Gp2x (mk2) Review From The United Kingdom

    I noticed that in the picture that they showed had a diff analog nub then the one a purchased. Does that one come with the newer ones shipped?
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    Help Need Sound With Neogeo Gngeo2x

    Soon as you start the emulator press the Y button and look at the bottom of the screen , you should notice different options changing. Should say something like sound--cpu 266
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    Psx4gp2x Public Beta 2 Released.

    I have just used latest drmd and that works fine with my system. I was so anxious to use this emulator though that I downloaded 2.0 and installed it. THe emulator now works ,but I can't get my two games to work.I think that is because they are compressed though with pocketiso. I havn't got a big...