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  1. Asaggynoodle

    Tests, tests, and more tests.

    Wow! This is so exciting, I can't wait! 2.5W of power consumption is pretty impressive! I'll take 9 hours of battery life any day of the week! Thanks for the update ED.
  2. Asaggynoodle

    Hardware Somewhere to find 3D Models of Chassis Plastics?

    Howdy, I'm working on making some prototype parts for the Pyra (Cases, among some other things), is there somewhere I can find the actual models to the molds for the plastics? I'd like to have a little confidence that the parts will be accurate to the actual device size before I make more higher...
  3. Asaggynoodle

    WTS: Used Platinum Rebirth (fixed)

    PM sent.
  4. Asaggynoodle

    Hardware AC Adapter port failure

    I solely use the MiniUSB port, with a 5.1v 2100Mah Adapter I'm more than happy with the charge times. Highly recommend this approach. If you broke a solder joint on the Adapter plug you should be able to see some amount of movement, or be able to push in certain directions and see that it will...
  5. Asaggynoodle

    JXD S192

    Looks like they where going after the Razer edge design with the Game Pad. Regardless, the K1 is a monster of an ARM SoC. Once we get quad/octa A72's in the market, we'll start seeing enough power under the hood for last gen emulation.
  6. Asaggynoodle

    Pyra Favorite Color

    I don't care what anyone says, that clear case is beautiful. It totally shows off all the hard work that went into designing the device. I really don't want to see "Another" black/grey/silver device, lets step outside of the box for a bit.
  7. Asaggynoodle

    Intel abandons future Atom line of processors

    Well, the reason (I believe) for this disaster of the Atom line is the Architecture implementation in terms of the software environment. Whether you like it or not, Android is a pretty slick piece of software. That is demonstrated by the HUGE acceptance in the smartphone market, and market...
  8. Asaggynoodle

    Modular Prya

    I've already asked this question quite a while ago, but never heard anything about it.
  9. Asaggynoodle

    SOLD - 1GHz Pandora Console for sale

    I'll take it if it's still for sale assuming shipping to US is no problem, Please let me know :) Thanks.
  10. Asaggynoodle

    For Sale A New Kingspec 1.8" 32Gb Zif/zif2 Ssd Model: Ksd-Zf18.1-0

    A fully working, good condition OQO Model 2 is going to cost you a fortune. Even the garbage condition ones that are in working condition with a Dead as a door knob battery sell for ~$300-400.
  11. Asaggynoodle

    WTB: 1Ghz Pandora

    I've sent you a PM. Thanks.
  12. Asaggynoodle

    I think I have finally found a hobby!

    There are a few special CRT Displays that can fetch quite a few (Hundred/Thousand) dollars. Mainly looking along the lines of the Sony Trinitron Pro's, some of the best CRT displays ever made for the consumer market (talking basically 100% Color Gamut). But these exact models are about as common...
  13. Asaggynoodle

    Pandora Help Compiling modified up to date Kernel?

    Thank you both for providing this information, I know it will help me do some "Experimental" things, and help others interested in this a lot too. I'll let you know how 1.5Ghz is on the other side.
  14. Asaggynoodle

    Snowden Ridicules David Cameron For Defending 'Private' Matter of Panama Papers Leak

    I would like to see that (I'm taking legally), this year alone I ended up paying Uncle Sam about ~2x what the "normal person's" income for the year is. I don't have a lot of tax write offs, or deductions, but regardless it gets to a point where it makes people like me question rather taking a...
  15. Asaggynoodle

    Pandora Help Compiling modified up to date Kernel?

    Thank you for posting that, exactly what I needed. Are you compiling this directly on the Pandora? I thought you needed an ARM cross compiler.
  16. Asaggynoodle

    Snowden Ridicules David Cameron For Defending 'Private' Matter of Panama Papers Leak

    Maybe it's a UK thing, but I fail to see what the big deal is. What he did is perfectly legal. They are making it sound like no politician has ever lied to the press about anything ever. All the media does now a days is ass blast anyone who has opposing views to them/their corporate leadership...
  17. Asaggynoodle

    Pandora Help Compiling modified up to date Kernel?

    That's what I was noticing, there is some "Patchwork" on the header of that wiki page about the 3.2 kernel. I'm interested in whichever branch is used in the latest Superzaxxon 1.74, I'm guessing 4.5+? The thing I'm unsure about is that some of the parts are mainly taking about cygwin, then it...
  18. Asaggynoodle

    Pandora Help Compiling modified up to date Kernel?

    Good day all, I'm curious if anyone has an updated guide that can guide me through the steps of compiling the latest kernel for SZ 1.74? I've read the Wiki page a few dozen times and tried to follow the steps but 90% of the content is WAY out dated, and outrageously confusing. Funny enough...
  19. Asaggynoodle

    Pyra - too hot for you!

    At first I was like, How is that even possible?! Clearly something had to have failed long the VRM/PMU circuitry that provided one of the Vcc rails to something (Giving 5-7v to a 1.3v chip, etc.). Then I was hold the phone, ED just mentioned burning down the shop-- which I literally Laughed at...
  20. Asaggynoodle

    Linux on Windows 10

    It's a mess to replace the shell on anything that's NT based. There was some project for XP many light years ago that was amazing, I cannot recall the name, Litestep? I just recall it looked like WindowMaker which I loved. The only REAL shell replacement for windows that worked and was reliable...