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  1. benoitb

    Welcome to the updated site!

    I like the new look and it's still snappy. Very welcome change.
  2. benoitb

    CPU Boards & Prices

    I've said it before but a nice approach would be to use the Raspberry Pi compute module that is upgraded from time to time independantly from the Pyra project. It's probably very hard to design around that hardware as well. When the Pyra was being designed I think there was only the 1st compute...
  3. benoitb

    Raspberry Pi 4 released

    From the bench on medium it looks like wihtout any cooling it throttles between 1 and 1.5GHz. It looks very likely that this could run @100% it left at 1GHz.
  4. benoitb

    Future of the CPU board?

    And the Switch runs the CPU @ 1GHz, even while having a fan. Not the max 1.9GHz or so that the Tegra theoreticaly supports.
  5. benoitb

    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    Well the Switch version is widescreen, HD, 60fps, no pop-in.
  6. benoitb

    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    Virtua Racing on the Switch. A wonderful port, better than previous conversions and even better than the arcade version.
  7. benoitb

    SONY PS5 (PlayStation 5)

    Resolution increase is usefull for big screens (and VR since it's pretty much the biggest possible screen taking your whole field of vision). For example on my projector, the increase from 720p to 1080p is extremely noticeable. When I watch my camera stills on the big 1080p screen I really wish...
  8. benoitb

    SONY PS5 (PlayStation 5)

    Me too, at these specs even at the end of 2020 I smell a 600€ price point.
  9. benoitb

    Google Stadia

    In France it only takes about half of the stuff. Will or no will. If we decided to take 100% and redistribute for example at every 18yo person in the country, that would amount to a package of around 180K€ to get you started in life.
  10. benoitb

    Google Stadia

    We don't blink while gaming. Or a rythm game like Project Diva, or a competitive fast paced game like Rocket League, etc... It's no wonder they use Assassin's Creed to demonstrate the service.
  11. benoitb

    Google Stadia

    Very similar to the arcades back in the day actually. Being a bit mocking we could call it a return to the roots of video gaming.
  12. benoitb

    Google Stadia

    My mind exactly. This may be useful for people willing to play games without the hardware investment and who don't care about technical perfection. Also travelling businessmen for example, pluging a chromecast to your hotel's TV sounds quite appealing if the experience is not too bad. Not for...
  13. benoitb

    SONY PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)

    Especially so when played on a Vita :D
  14. benoitb

    SONY PlayStation Vita (PS Vita)

    Love my Vita, I hacked it and installed a big micro SD card in a SD2Vita adapter. Now I can leave my cartridges at home making it even more portable and convenient on trips.
  15. benoitb

    GPD MicroPC

    If you're not using special proprietary software that is only available on Windows, this could probably be very easily solved by using Linux. I believe your USB serial adapter will always be /dev/ttyUSB0 in Linux.
  16. benoitb

    Nintendo Switch

    I played Rez Infinite on my Daydream. It was a good gaming experience but the phone heats up a lot and battery life is not good.
  17. benoitb

    Nintendo Switch

    The only sensible thing to do is to turn to piracy which in this case would be illegal but ethical in my opinion.
  18. benoitb

    Playstation Classic - Inc 20 games

    The games wouldn't run on a 5$ chinese ARM hardware that you sell for 100€ so the PC-mini probably won't happen.
  19. benoitb

    This is a longshot, but... anime thread?

    The last I liked: Aggretsuko. really good although the art and animation are simple, it is the story of an office lady who sings death metal at the karaoke to release the steam from her horrible work days. I also enjoyed Dagashi Kashi, a slightly over the top anime about an old style rural...
  20. benoitb

    GP32 FLU needs rewiring (and maybe more)

    As a follow-up: the 64 bit driver did not work on Windows 10. I have a Thinkpad X31 with Windows XP I use when I need access to a // port. So I used this PC with the win2K3 driver and got PC Link to work fine. Then I installed gpDrive as you advised and with gpDrive I can connect without issues...