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  1. Nightbird

    Alexkidd2X V0.6.4U Gp2X

    Cheers. I plan on doing a bit more with this when I have some time. I need to fix the Fantastic Dizzy palette bug, and add TMS9918 support. I updated Frodo last year too, just forgot to post it due to having a crap year. The palette on the existing Frodo release looks pretty bad, particularly...
  2. Nightbird

    Alexkidd2X V0.6.4U Gp2X

    Screenshots showing additional menu options, and (FM ) + (50hz) info tags: Screen Mode: 1:1---------------------------------------------Screen Mode: 1:1 Game Gear Expand: Off--------------------------------------Game Gear Expand: On Game Gear Size...
  3. Nightbird

    Alexkidd2X V0.6.4U Gp2X

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AlexKidd2X v0.6.4u GP2X SMS/GG Emulator...
  4. Nightbird

    New Version Pcsx4All 2.3 & Mame4All 2.7

        You can still pull them off the wayback machine.  
  5. Nightbird

    Scummvm 1.7.0 Preview Builds

    Thanks a lot. Much appreciated.
  6. Nightbird

    Scummvm 1.7.0 Preview Builds

    Thanks for the reply. Hope your F100 still works., sounds like it has been in the wars. If it doesn't, I can do any testing you require. Regarding v1.4.1, the mouse never worked in the GP2X version (see link here). When you fixed it in v1.5.0, we were left with the issue described in my post...
  7. Nightbird

    Scummvm 1.7.0 Preview Builds

    Thanks a lot for this release John. I'm testing on a GP2X-F100(mk2). Just a couple of things. First is really trivial. The bottom half of the word 'Search' and the half of the text in the icon next to the search bar disappear when you click in the search bar, or anywhere else on the screen. You...
  8. Nightbird

    Lynx Emulator

      Yeah, GP2X Handy by tusken raider. Really good emulator, has a scanline mode as well. The last version (v0.1g) was screwy though. Viking Child and Dracula stopped working properly, and the speech in Chequered Flag was corrupt. Version '0.1f' is the most compatible version in which these games...
  9. Nightbird

    Max Sd Card Size

    I have a Samsung and a Transcend 32gb micro sdhc card. Both work fine.
  10. Nightbird

    Alexkidd2X V0.6.2U Gp2X

      --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AlexKidd2X v0.6.2u GP2X SMS/GG Emulator...
  11. Nightbird

    Drpocketsnes 7.2.0 Not Detecting/loading Saves.

      I tend to just use save states rather than sram. It's also worth leaving a copy of v6.4.5 on your card as there are some games that don't work or run correctly on the newer binaries. Can't think of them all off the top of my head, but I remember Mortal Kombat II was one that only worked in...
  12. Nightbird

    F200 Picodrive And Pier Solar.

      Pier Solar plays on Picodrive v1.91 as it has a mapper for it. It's not glitch free though, some characters have corrupt sprites. When you first boot the game and it asks you to initialize saves, it will fail. When it says 'something wrong happened', just press A,B and C simultaneously (A,X...
  13. Nightbird

    Gngeo And Uni-Bios 3.0

      When you see the 'Universe Bios' screen, hold down 'A','X' and 'B' simultaneously. Now go in to Region Setup. You can choose between any combination of Japan/USA/Europe and Arcade/Console mode. It should remember the setting too after you exit the game.
  14. Nightbird

    I Still Use My Game Park Machines

      I have to agree about the AA batteries. Can't see them going anywhere soon, and the good thing is every few years they seem to improve on the technology. Sanyo's Eneloop batteries are very good. I remember running the battery test app on the Eneloop XX's and it came in at 4:40hrs. Ansmann's...
  15. Nightbird

    Picodrive Revival (1.91) - Gp2X/wiz/caanoo Version

    Thanks a lot for this Notaz, I still prefer my GPH devices(especially my F100) over android and appreciate the update. Just a couple of questions about v1.91 on the GP2X. Have you changed the LCD screen timing from the previous versions? v1.91 is giving constant wavy lines all over my LCD...
  16. Nightbird

    Emulator Version Updates

        If you're using Gmenu2x or Open2x, just edit the link to Pocketsnes and turn on the wrapper function. The emu will exit fine then, and always return to Gmenu2x.
  17. Nightbird

    Can Someone Compile These Two Gmenu2X's For Me Please

    Thanks a lot for this Farox, you're a star. They work perfect. Very much appreciated. And thank you for the info. Looks like a few of my errors got fixed in the makefile the following month:
  18. Nightbird

    Can Someone Compile These Two Gmenu2X's For Me Please

    Can someone compile these two gmenu2x's for me please and upload the just the binaries. They are old commits. I have tried myself, and even though I can compile games and emus without issue, gmenu2x always throws up errors. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can do this for me. Thanks in...
  19. Nightbird

    Gpx2 Tv Cable Out

    Any cable will work. You set the output standard (PAL or NTSC) in the settings of the GP2X.
  20. Nightbird

    Gp2X Game Reviews

    Thanks for your reviews Bunny. I've enjoyed reading them. It's rejuvenated my interest in Knight Lore. I used to play this game as a youngster.