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  1. dflatline

    Anyone wanna analyze my spriting?

    So you've got a confederate soldier and colonel sanders?
  2. dflatline

    Mr Minter's Tempest 4000 gameplay..

    I think Space Giraffe is the superior game
  3. dflatline

    Planet Computers : Gemini - Psion Returns

    That keyboard has some serious issues, like a lack of F keys.
  4. dflatline

    Music Player

    I tried a bunch of players and QMMP in simple view is the closest I can get to what I want, which is being able to load albums and ignore tags like this:
  5. dflatline

    Secret of Mana is being remastered

    It looks like a game from that uncomfortable period where where 3D games started to become the norm, they look like FF7 characters with nicer textures on them. The art style of the original is timeless.
  6. dflatline

    Meme about the Pyra

    Lets hope it's the last.
  7. dflatline

    What have you bought recently?

    This shirt:
  8. dflatline

    Secret of Mana is being remastered

    Honestly, I think it looks awful
  9. dflatline

    Music Player

    I use foobar2000 on my PC, what player should I use on Pandora? I want it to pay attention to folder structure rather than tags since my tags are all over the place. I also want to be able to point it at my music folder and just shuffle, thats important to
  10. dflatline

    Hacker Archetypes by Eric S. Raymond

    ESR is a foul little hobbit man.
  11. dflatline

    Pandora Pentesting Guide (Mostly Pandian)

    I should note I think I cross complied it to ARM on a virtual machine. Didn't mention that. Then moved it over to Superzaxxon.
  12. dflatline

    Pandora Pentesting Guide (Mostly Pandian)

    I think I'm running it on superzaxxon in the picture there. You can see the multicoloured console messages you get when you run the aircrack pnd. You have to run the aircrack-ng pnd for it to work on superzaxxon iirc.
  13. dflatline

    i just bought earth bound! slap me in the face for being stupid...

    Just pick up this rare beany baby
  14. dflatline

    Port Requests

    War. Never been so much fun
  15. dflatline


    It's a waste of everyones time and eyeball space is what it is.
  16. dflatline

    Heroine's Quest - The Herald of Ragnarok

    Played this game when it was released, tough start but it's really good.
  17. dflatline

    pandian - MARK3 - beta

    Fuck it, xterm works. I'll do a full update. Now wifi doesn't work. Any suggestions? It tries to connect but never suceeds. Ignore me, it works.
  18. dflatline

    pandian - MARK3 - beta

    Got a problem, can't get a shell. When I choose bash in the menu it doesn't appear. When I go to /bin in the file manager and try and run it I get the same.