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  1. xopher

    Custom TV-out cable

    Hello Peca....I am extremely interested, I voted 10ft. composite male, I would also like a shorter one too, and S-video male of the 10ft. 3 cables total, hopefully that's not being greedy with you receiving so many requests. I'll wait to see when you're ready for grabbing some cash for your...
  2. xopher

    Debian On An Sd Card

    So looking forward to the outcome of 1.1, I'd prefer the full desktop style experience or as close to as possible if you're looking for user feedback. :) Thanks for the continued work on this Stuckie.
  3. xopher

    XFCE Menu Bar

    Settings > Window Manager Tweaks > Compositor Tab > Enable display compositing Right click XFCE bar > Properties > Adjust Transparency/Opacity slider
  4. xopher

    Release Word War vi

    Love vector games! Thanks looks sweet and is fun...Also runs in Stuckie's Debian SD install without a hitch or needing any additional Pandora bits added. Nice work.
  5. xopher

    Beta Flare

    Thanks sebt3....looking forward to checking this out during lunch...will give feedbacks EDIT: No problems found yet, only hacked a few critter and spoke with some NPCs all and all it is quite there a way to adjust the gamma or make it a little brighter somehow?
  6. xopher

    Beta Lugaru Beta Port

    This looks too cool! I blindly purchased and now can't wait to get my download on! Thanks Pickle :)
  7. xopher

    Set mouse buttons as A B X Y

    No problem....rather than clutter up the thread I'll help you out via PM :) It may take me until later this evening'll be funny if once you get it you decide....ehhhhhh.....this sux, but you'll learn a bit :)
  8. xopher

    Set mouse buttons as A B X Y

    Hi there...../usr/bin/ is a path where a lot of your binary executables and scripts reside. If you type $PATH in CLI (get to that in a second) it will echo your current environment's path i.e. list directories that are known to your session to contain executable files. You can add your $HOME to...
  9. xopher

    Windows Manager Via Pandora?

    OP you should check this app out. I am so happy it was ported perfect fit with the Pandora for remote admin. Get it here
  10. xopher

    Debian On An Sd Card

    Digression, love that signature chris. Sorry, carry on.
  11. xopher

    Debian On An Sd Card

    I recall seeing a thread where someone had spoke or at least made a casual mention of booting via the USB port, don't recall who (maybe torpor)though but it was in these forums, they used a flash drive but the hardware shouldn't matter unless you're finding yourself with a race condition where...
  12. xopher

    Debian On An Sd Card

    I think this is a good idea too :)
  13. xopher

    Set mouse buttons as A B X Y

    I placed my abmouse and normouse scripts in /usr/bin/ along with the xkbset binary, then I pointed the launchers respectively to /usr/bin/abmouse blah blah.... did you remember to chmod +x on your scripts? What is the output if you go to CLI and run abmouse? make sure your .pndxmodmap* files are...
  14. xopher

    KDE on OpenPandora

    This has been done but in Debian:
  15. xopher

    any usa owners of the pandora

    Upstate NY here reporting for duty.
  16. xopher

    Debian On An Sd Card

    This is all very mental. I wanted to try to further PND functionality within (Em)Debian. I'm going to sit back and wait for Stuckie's 1.1 It's exciting seeing things work when you have somewhat of a clue. Still wish I knew what the Nub Utility doesn't display the font properly in the UI modified...
  17. xopher

    Debian On An Sd Card

    I'll play with that a bit later, may be the font/size.....regarding transparencies....go to Settings in the menu, then Window Manager Tweaks, you can turn of the Window Composition and that will get rid of all transparencies or you can manually adjust the opacity for each of the elements except...
  18. xopher

    Debian On An Sd Card

    Hey Titan, no hard feelings. Just felt frustrated cause I had a bit of trial and error with that and it took a bit of time so I did take it a little hard, my bad and apologies. Now, let's get more things to work :)
  19. xopher

    Debian on SD

    I think I did see Stuckie mention he did have Debian installed to nand for entertainment purposes so it can be done. As it stands now, any of the premade rootfs downloads are fully functional as an OS or you can follow the wiki and build your own from scratch then include only the apps you...
  20. xopher

    Debian On An Sd Card

    To each their own, don't use it then. Thanks for stopping by.