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  1. Hardcoreufo

    A case of polls!

    Ahh yes my poll went to spam, but got it all filled out. I accidentally closed the window before being able to click on results. Anyone happen to see what they are so far? I voted for Chrome and USB SATA adapter. Not sure what I'll use it for yet, but you never know. .
  2. Hardcoreufo

    It's software this time!

    I'm all onboard letting those who can actively contribute to improving the software jump ahead. As long as you let us know what they will be doing. So I'm voting yes!
  3. Hardcoreufo

    Beauty competition.

    Chrome looks slick! I like the black too but to me it seems a little jarring contrast between the case and the logo plate.
  4. Hardcoreufo

    Are you interested in a new Pandora LCD cable?

    The work looks great! Thanks for all the effort hns !
  5. Hardcoreufo

    You didn't expect this, I guess.

    If we really want a case with absence of color, we need the Pyra to have a clear case, the only correct choice for any electronic device.
  6. Hardcoreufo

    Are you interested in a new Pandora LCD cable?

    @hns I am in dire need of a new LCD cable or 2 or 3 for spares... I donated to the development of a new cable! Can't wait for it to be ready!
  7. Hardcoreufo

    Latest update: Keymats are here, how strong will the logo plate be - and pretty cases.

    I was waiting for that shot! The painted cases won me over though even without the keymat in place.
  8. Hardcoreufo

    Wrapping everything up!

    I've only been in semiconductors for a year but I was also very confused by the bare wafer talk. All these chips should be packaged already.
  9. Hardcoreufo

    Pyra christmas update :)

    Merry Xmas all! What a great update present right as I was going to bed. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  10. Hardcoreufo

    May I still change my casing colour?

    You can any color you like, so long as it's black.
  11. Hardcoreufo

    Comprehensive Status update!

    Finally made an account just so I could post! I've been following since the pandora but never had the money to get one. I finally was in a place where I could buy a toy and was scanning ebay for a pandora but the pre orders for the pyra started around the same time, so I put my money here...