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    Merry christmas and a happy new year (2012-12-25)

    Way back when I ordered in 2009, I tried to do so with ED. He took a few days to reply, and I ordered with Craig in the meantime.  I think I could have been luckier.
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    Can I really see what is ... Inside The Box?

    Hold on a minute...
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    The Youtube Video Thread!

    Why hasn't anyone told me there is Ascii Portal!? :lol: Thanks for showing me that!
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    Dutch Get Together Round Up!

    In theory I'm able to come, will decide at the last minute :P
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    A Quick And Simple Guide To Ripping Your Dvds For Your Pandora

    Oh, brilliant, thanks! One question though: What is the the resolution of a DVD video, then? Would cropping and/or downscaling help filesize? And as I am not able to test for myself right now, does that 'quality' slider change to reflect the target filesize? (Or, will I know how terrible a...
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    Serious Battery/wifi Issue

    I would be very surprised if that wasn't in the quick start guide. I'd check, but I don't have one and wasn't able to find the contents online with a quick search and I'm lazy right now. You might want to take a look at the User Manual page on the wiki. Power Modes and bug tracking are both...
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    Openttd Port

    Oh hey, this is pretty neat. Just a few days ago I started playing OpenTTD. Today I was wondering if someone got it working on Pandora (and remembered ZodTTD's name), got on the forums and saw this post from yesterday! And on the subject of Linux washing machines:
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    Pandora Console Game System

    If you want to search for it, they named it Pandora Cube when talking about it.
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    A Complaint

    First, ew. Second, my first thought (apart from the first thought mentioned above) was "Late? As in the late Pandora-owner?"
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    What Can You Do With Pandora?

    Read these quotes, there's more good information in that thread.
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    Pandora Wi-Fi On 350kilobytes/s

    Oh, it's easy. There's a monk somewhere confronting, in his opinion, an evil, lying dragon. He goes "Huh" at the audience/populace because a lot of them side with the evil dragon, claiming the monk is actually evil and lying. ...History repeating, I guess. There must be a story like this somewhen.
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    Pandora Key As Universal Menu Key

    That even works with "Effin' Pandora crashed again!" Well, the program. But artistic license and all that.
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    I've Canceled

    Let me suggest dithering!
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    Candidacy For Being A Mod

    Exactly my concern. You getting Mod-rights sounds like something good to me. Because of this. My vote still stands :lol:
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    Guide: Making Xfce Sexy

    That is one sexy tutorial. Useful for other computers too, no?
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    Pandora Screenshots

    YES! YES NO YES NO NO NO YES Side, I love how "29% 03:44" looks.
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    What Can You Do With Pandora?

    Seriously, Mike, don't expect anything better/newer than playstation 1 games to run. To be fair, I only posted this here to make that pun. EDIT: Oh, and the DS's double screen issue has been well discussed. But that's solving a problem that doesn't exist yet, there's no DS emulation available...
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    Candidacy For Being A Mod

    You'd make a good one. You seem to do pretty well already, though, and I wonder if the icon showing you're a mod would change the way you are seen. In case of a tie, however, you have my vote. (Well, and now too (Shh.).)
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    Any News From The Assembly Line ?

    Couple things. Magic Sam, I like how direct your questions are. There are things you want to know, and instead of carefully circling the subject and not getting to the point, you strip it of everything but the points until your posts resemble lethal spikeballs of valid questions. This is coupled...
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    What Have You Heard From The General Public?

    Though 'Pandora' is a brand of jewelery, I think Avatar might call up connections to its world, rather than to dolls for young girls. Aside from the people who associate it with Greek legends. Oh, and don't forget the DS game, Professor Layton and Pandora's Box. At least, that's what it's...