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  1. TrevorBradley

    Galactic Artifact

    OK you crazy kids, Neelix convinced me to come back out and have a look at this.  I recompiled my code on my own machine to make sure it worked - Even got the server started.  Sadly, your new Pandora clients won't connect to it because they're missing the correct 1) Look in...
  2. TrevorBradley

    Requested refund in september...

    I've also had a refund request in since early September. Multiple emails and phone calls with no response. "Wait until February" is *not* how pre-orders and refunds work. That's my money, not Craig's, and should have the right as a consumer to ask for it back at any time as long as my...
  3. TrevorBradley

    Cancel My Order (Actual Question Inside)

    I'll try the phone call. It sounds like people have had the most success with it. *Does the mental math*... so I need to call between 2am and 8am, GMT-8h. Lovely.
  4. TrevorBradley

    Cancelling my order

    I'm in this process too, unfortunately. 2 weeks, no reply to email. If anyone can help me contact the British Open Pandora team for a cancellation I'd appreciate it. (Trying my best to be quiet about it too)
  5. TrevorBradley

    Cancel My Order (Actual Question Inside)

    I'm worried about this too. I just sent in my cancellation over 2 weeks ago and no reply. I fear my money is just gone.
  6. TrevorBradley

    Gruso's Blog Slashdotted

    Looks like news of the first Pandora off the assembly line just got posted to slashdot, and pandorapress went down pretty quickly from all the people looking at his site...
  7. TrevorBradley

    Anyone Preorder From Vancouver Canada?

    Just across the Fraser in Surrey, here... #1700 or so in the order queue.
  8. TrevorBradley

    Factor - A Games Of Primes

    I'm cool with that. :) Either for personal use or released to the archive.
  9. TrevorBradley

    Factor - A Games Of Primes

    Hopefully this won't be seen as an off-topic, wrong forum post, but just thought I'd leave a brief note here that "Factor: A Game of Primes" has been ported (with significant improvements!) to the iPhone and iPod Touch. It's a free app, so if you enjoyed the original on the GP2X, feel free to...
  10. TrevorBradley

    When Is The Real Release Date...

    If I had to make a guess, I'd say the 13th. Two reasons: 1) 13/11/09 has a nice symmetric ring to it. 2) November 13th, 2009 will be a "Friday the 13th". That being said, if the date was proclaimed it wouldn't be met, so why ruin a good thing?
  11. TrevorBradley

    New Photo From Mweston... Wifi!

    This is no fart, this is a colossal ripper. Working wifi drivers were *the* last missing piece before assembly. As for remote networking, one of the first things I'm going to do when I unbox my pandora after setting up the network and dicking around with Firefox for a few minutes is set up my...
  12. TrevorBradley

    What Have You Bought While Waiting For Your Pandora?

    The Asus 900 is a Celeron 900Mhz. The 901 is an Intel Atom 1.6 Ghz machine. I have a 901, it's a magnificent machine. It makes a fantastic MythTV frontend. If you can afford the extra $$$, go for the 901. (There may be much better models by now, you'd need to research that). Try out...
  13. TrevorBradley


    Not to turn this into the LOLfiles, but this seemed somehow relevant:
  14. TrevorBradley

    Any news?

    I'm still here... I've been generally dealing with health crap and other things that need to be taken care of first. I kinda hope to be able to try to tackle this again once I've got a Pandora in hand. Programming for GA needs a significant amount of momentum to make progress, and I'm hoping...
  15. TrevorBradley

    Pandora Cube

    You're competing with the Sheevaplug wallwart at this point: and they're selling right now for $100. They think they can get their price point down to $50. I would think video is where you'd be sorely lacking and your leverage point over the...
  16. TrevorBradley

    Blurp - The GP32X Downtime Status Thread

    I probably shouldn't be replying to this... Please Alex, I've been on disability for two years now. I get, probably more than you do, that forums aren't worth shit compared to a person's life. I'd live quite happily if gp32x went down, and so would everyone else on it. It's not that big of a...
  17. TrevorBradley

    Blurp - The GP32X Downtime Status Thread

    Please don't misunderstand me, this isn't about hando (who had been doing a magnificent job for many years), this is about the right way to operate complex systems and keep them working. For the bus number, it's not hando's fault that he might be hit by a bus (metaphorical, or real), but the...
  18. TrevorBradley

    Blurp - The GP32X Downtime Status Thread

    We can't afford for gp32x's bus number to be 1. It's a bad place to be, and it's what got us here in the first place. I'm not saying it should be ED bringing that number up to two, but someone else other than hando has to have full access to the site and DB for the sake of long term stability...
  19. TrevorBradley

    Blurp - The GP32X Downtime Status Thread

    Big thumbs up on a move to a stable server!
  20. TrevorBradley

    Sid's Rules

    I just found a really awesome blog post from Soren Johnson, Civilization 4's lead developer, about game design and user experience. Sid's Rules: I love the Sid Meier quote at the beginning of the article: "A good game is a series of interesting choices"...