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  1. mamemaniac

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Sent a new PM to @EvilDragon today (no news from him since 22 Jan.), i really hope i'll get a reply soon about my order.
  2. mamemaniac

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    I am also waiting for a reply by @EvilDragon (sent a PM to him), but it seems he doesn't visit these boards that much these days.
  3. mamemaniac

    Open Pandora not booting

    I once had that issue in the past and, from what i remember, it is caused by a bug of the latest SuperZaxxon (v. 1.76 i think). In my case that issue occured when, by accident, i choosed to "Log Out" before power off my unit. The next time i powered up my Pandora the progress bar stopped before...
  4. mamemaniac

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    I also sent two mails to ED on 5 and 14 Jan. (in my case it's not for a Pyra but for a Pandora repair) and got no reply but i am not surprised anymore because in a previous conversation he told me he has around 800 still unreaded mails, so i think some more weeks are needed until i'll get a...
  5. mamemaniac

    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    Also, don't forget Pandora repairs @EvilDragon
  6. mamemaniac

    Package not delivered at Dragonbox shop (SOLVED)

    Sorry ED but i don't use socials anymore because i don't trust them. About my package delivery issue: i send to you a new mail, please let me know when you have some news. Regards
  7. mamemaniac

    Package not delivered at Dragonbox shop (SOLVED)

    Hi ED, the tracking number of my shipment says my package can't be delivered at your shop. Please check my PM or my mail for all the needed informations. Regards Edit: Package delivered (Solved)
  8. mamemaniac

    Would this IPS screen work on the Pandora?

    Well, i am certainly not a hardware hacking expert but i really would like to upgrade my display to a better IPS one (even a resistive one although i prefer capacitive). I hope @EvilDragon or some other community member will offer such service in future.
  9. mamemaniac

    Would this IPS screen work on the Pandora?

    Hi, since i am not very satisfied with my current display i would like to know if this IPS screen (both resistive and capacitive) can be used on the Pandora: Regards
  10. mamemaniac

    Refund request

    @EvilDragon: any news about my order refund? I sent to you the refund payment details on Monday, did you check my mail? Thanks
  11. mamemaniac

    Unexpected mail [SOLVED]

    Ok got a new mail with the title "Device received". SOLVED
  12. mamemaniac

    Unexpected mail [SOLVED]

    Hi @EvilDragon, i already ordered and payed a Pandora RMA. What i don't understand is a mail i received today with the title "Waiting to receive the device". I already sent my Pandora to you (it was delivered in your shop on Wednesday according to the shipment tracking number) so why that mail...
  13. mamemaniac

    Old school rambling

    I am also very tempted to send my Pandora Rebirth to @EvilDragon for cable replacement and other minor fixes, i hope ED can reply to my pm soon so i can arrange my Pandora RMA.
  14. mamemaniac

    Release Gaurodan

    I checked level VII in new build and it is indeed a bit faster, still not fullspeed on my Pandora Rebirth though. Overall the game plays very good and i found totally enjoyable except level VII.
  15. mamemaniac

    Are you interested in a new Pandora LCD cable?

    @hns: is the Lcd cables production started?
  16. mamemaniac

    Release Gaurodan

    I completed Gaurodan on my Pandora Rebirth. The game is very playable except chapter 7 (the only vertical scrolling stage of the game) which is too slow, almost unplayable to me. @ptitSeb: any chanche to port other Locomalito games like Hydorah and Curse of Issyos on the Pandora?
  17. mamemaniac

    Are RMA repairs still available?

    I am surely interested, maybe we can start a poll to know how many people are willing to crowdfund a new order for lcd cables.
  18. mamemaniac

    Looking to buy a 1GHz Pandora

    It's very risky nowadays buy a Pandora because no replacement LCD cables are left anymore (and ED has no money to produce new cables).
  19. mamemaniac

    Anyone willing to sell their Open Pandora?

    He has no replacement LCD cables anymore because of the high production cost (15 EUR for a single cable if i am not wrong) but i still hope he will find a way to produce more cables in the future as my Pandora is also showing the PTOD.
  20. mamemaniac

    Arcade Emulation (focused on M.A.M.E.)

    Yes, very likely as you can read yourself in this thread: