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  1. HtheB

    No prototypes for GamesCom, but a Wifi Chip and a Pyra in the dark!

    *sees design* damn it.... Does anyone here has some tissues for me!? :lol:
  2. HtheB

    Finishing up the hardware

    To be honest, I never have seen an Open Pandora in real. So I dont know exactly how it feels :( With your blog post, I thought you meant that the keys are "rubber only"... Does it feels like the Nokia N900 keyboard?
  3. HtheB

    Finishing up the hardware

    Silicone keys for the keyboard? That actually sounds pretty bad.... :unsure: I really hope that there would be some other options for us about the keys, because soft keys for games are not so good...... And the letters will be vanished very quickly on them either :(
  4. HtheB

    An image, an exhibition and 40 pages of awesomeness

    Why don't you guys use Qt?
  5. HtheB

    Schematics and packages

    Yaay! I just can't wait already... bring it on :D
  6. HtheB

    Idea: Combining/helping/sharing Maemo community

    Now that would be amazing And yes, the N900 has a 4way d-pad
  7. HtheB

    Idea: Combining/helping/sharing Maemo community

    Hi all! I created this thread because I want to give you guys an idea about combining/sharing ideas with the Maemo community ( and helping each other if this could be possible, and if so: how? Mr_Loon pointed me to create a new thread, so.... here it is. The Nokia N900...
  8. HtheB

    Release DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    Great to see Pandora users also help our community! I'm HtheB (moderator at the maemo boards: and came to thank you users ! :) I'm pretty sure we could help to combine things to the pandora community (since the hardware is almost the same as the N900, hell... even the...