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  1. dnlgreenwood

    Wts: Caanoo (And Other Things Including A Dreamcast)

    I'd like to sell my Caanoo (used, but complete) for $115.   Also have this stuff kicking around if you're interested:   SNES: Game Genie [Loose] Mario Paint [Loose] GameBoy: Baseball [Japan] [Complete] Bonk's Revenge [Loose] Super Mario Land [Loose] Pokemon Pinball [Loose] GameBoy Pocket...
  2. dnlgreenwood

    Wtb: Sega Nomad Fs/t: Caanoo (Canada)

      Sold (to me)
  3. dnlgreenwood

    Linaro Toolchain

    Who knows? I tried compiling the toolchain, but I failed and gave up.
  4. dnlgreenwood

    Why do I have ten Gameboys? 0_o

    Why do I have ten Gameboys? 0_o
  5. dnlgreenwood

    Why do I have ten Gameboys? 0_o

    Why do I have ten Gameboys? 0_o
  6. dnlgreenwood

    Milky Trakcer+Korg Nano Key

    Hi, I compiled Milkytracker for the Caanoo last summer, and the crashing is due to a segmentation fault. I've been working on solving this problem, but haven't had any success so far. The program seems to exit properly after crashing, it's just that gp2x menu doesn't start back up again...
  7. dnlgreenwood

    An Atari Lynx Emulator

    Hi, I haven't been working on a Caanoo version for quite some time... though it technically does work. Keep in mind that emulation will most likely be soundless unless you want a headache... I'll probably find time to finish it late in December. I'll also have to dig through my backups to find...
  8. dnlgreenwood


    I can probably compile it or help you compile it. I'll go take a look at the source code and try the program out on my computer. If you want to compile it, you'll need to grab the GPH_SDK from the file archive and put it somewhere (anywhere) on your hard drive. If you're going...
  9. dnlgreenwood


    I can probably attempt (or help you) attempt to compile it. I'll go take a quick look at the source code.
  10. dnlgreenwood

    Psp Cfw

    Somehow disable "protect flash0". Maybe run TN-E (not the permanent patch version), press select, disable "protect flash0", then run the installer. Also, you don't really need cfw or lcfw to play most homebrew if you use signed homebrew. Edit: Okay, I've just done this on my own PSP 3000 with...
  11. dnlgreenwood

    Psp Cfw

    What firmware does your 3000 have? Mine has 6.20, and I've installed 6.20 TN-E permanent patch v2, LCFW that is small enough to fit on the PSP's flash0, so you wouldn't have to reload it after every bootup. With that, I use the latest ALoader to run ISO/CSO games and Game Categories Lite to keep...
  12. dnlgreenwood

    Quick Sd Card Slot Question

    I haven't noticed any speed issues with mine, but the SD cards can be a pain to remove or even insert; I often have to use another SD card just to click it in.
  13. dnlgreenwood

    What Wifi Dongles Work For The Caanoo?

    I can't get my D-Link DWA-130 working, interface does not show up. According to my Linux computer, it contains the RT2870 chipset. I tried using insmod to load the rt3070sta.ko driver, but no luck. My linux computer recognizes it right away and it is fully functional, so it's not a hardware...
  14. dnlgreenwood

    Dlink Dwa-130 (Rt2870 Chipset) Not Working

    insmod ran without error, but unfortunately, my interface still does not show up with ifconfig -a. :S
  15. dnlgreenwood

    An Atari Lynx Emulator

    Oh, hi! I've been quite busy lately. Haven't been able to get anything done. :) Batman Returns does work though... I think I just had a bad rom.
  16. dnlgreenwood

    Set To Compile A Working Version Of Daphne Emu

    Change the exec_prefix or prefix directory in the sdl-config. I have mine set to /usr/local/GPH_SDK which is where my sdk is located.
  17. dnlgreenwood

    Caanoo Or Psp?

    A couple of times I had corruption problems with one of my 8GB cards (either Kingston 8GB MicroSD C4 or 8GB Lexar C6), but those were in February and I haven't had problems since. Hardly any program would execute, and most of my rom images were corrupt. I then had to format with GParted and...
  18. dnlgreenwood

    Movies Thread

    I saw Canadian Bacon, and IT SUCKED! Being a Canadian, I wasn't offended or anything; I just thought it was boring, very silly and didn't appeal to my sense of humor. I saw The Butterfly Effect quite a while ago on TV, but it was so late at night that I fell asleep halfway through. :( I've got...
  19. dnlgreenwood

    So Why Did I Buy This Caanoo Again?

    I never use the emulator packs, myself. Anyway, I've just tested out Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon and Kirby: Amazing Mirror (I used to play these games a LOT back when I had a glacier GBA). I've played these for an hour each, and I haven't had any problems. Not one. I do not have any of...
  20. dnlgreenwood

    So Why Did I Buy This Caanoo Again?

    I haven't had one single problem with any Genesis or GBA game I've played so far, and I've only had trouble with the clayfighter SNES games, but those are problematic in other emulators on other systems, as well. Everything else I've tried works. Have you tried using both Snes9x4c and...