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    Where Are All The Apps?

    So my friend got the Pandora a little while ago, and he seems disappointed with his purchase. He claims the developers stated that there would be plenty of emulators and other apps at launch. Well it's been almost a week since launch and the only emulator available is a "crappy SNES emulator...
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    Pandora - Obsolete?

    Some new information has come to my attention. Apparently the new smartphones that are coming out in June are going to feature 720p HD playback with HDMI output, as well as 720p video recording. The Samsung Galaxy S is already confirmed to support 720p h264, and it's widely assumed that Sprint's...
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    Pandora - Obsolete?

    The Pandora is a unique device, no one's going to argue that. It's just missing a few features that would make it a great all-in-one device. It's true that this is probably the closest's just a shame that it's so close, but still misses the mark. Maybe if the development had started...
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    Pandora - Obsolete?

    I meant official game developers such as Nintendo.
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    Pandora - Obsolete?

    Maybe I'm just the only person who wants to use my Pandora for more than playing 10-20 year old games that I've played hundreds of times already. HDMI output would allow me to say, go over to my friend's house, whip out my Pandora, and show him some new TV show I'm crazy about (like that crazy...
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    Pandora - Obsolete?

    Hey guys, take a look at this: This is one of the reasons I believe the Pandora is actually becoming pretty obsolete. Some smartphones have the same hardware specs as...
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    2 Sd Card Readers.

    Seagate is already working on a Bluetooth storage device, called D.A.V.E., which is supposed to hold up to 60 GB of data and connect to cellphones via a microprocessor in the drive itself, which means it would probably easily be able to connect to the Pandora...however... I haven't heard...
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    Pandora: Really Out This Month?

    OK I've been speculating as to whether or not the Pandora will be ready for shipping this month, or even next month. So far no one has even received a real unit, and I doubt one has even been produced, so I believe it's safe to say that we won't be seeing a Pandora this month. But is next month...