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    Mame4All uses indeed 0.37b5. It would be the easiest to look for a specific Mame4All or MameGP2x Romset. Even if you have the correct Dat file, you can't rebuild the 0.37b5 Roms from your 0.143 Romset, the reason is many Rom dumps were replaced by better dumps after 0.37b5, all ClrMame can do...
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    Gph Quake

    Same here, demo runs fine, but hangs, when I start a game.
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    Virtua Racing On Mame ?

    And the game wasn't playable until version 0.114.
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    Sd Cards

    Not completely true, the Caanoo's memory is no flash memory, it is DDR SDRam and the performance of games can be affected in theory, in games, that rely on streaming data, e.g. PSX games, reading at a constant speed from CD, but even the slowest cards should be faster, then the 2x CD-Rom used in...
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    Caanoo Or Psp?

    I have a Caanoo and recently brought a PSP 3000. I was pleasently surprised by the quality of some emulators on the PSP, there are fantastic ports of Vice and the Atari 8 Bit machines, 16 Bit Ataris and Commodora Amigas are emulated at roughly the same speed as on the Caanoo, despite the CPU...
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    Just bring up the config menu after loading a game (I think it's Start+Select by default), here you can remap the keys in general (the default controls) or for the specific game you are playing. The changed controls will be saved on exit.
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    Most diskimages come in the D64 format, maybe there are others, I am not aware of right now, but D64 is the common format.
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    Frodo (C64 Emulator)

    You say, you want to load a TAP file, right? TAP stands for Tape, tapes on the C64 were loaded with a simple Load or Load"*",1,1 the Load"*",8,1 was used to load from floppy.
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    You say, you want to load a TAP file, right? TAP stands for Tape, tapes on the C64 were loaded with a simple Load or Load"*",1,1 the Load"*",8,1 was used to load from floppy.
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    Snes Emulation

    Obviously RAM isn't a limiting factor for GBA and SNes emulation. By the way, does GPsp run better on the Wiz, it seems to be a straight port of the Wiz version, hardware wise both machines are almost identical.
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    Would This Game Be Possible On Caanoo?

    Blade Runner wasn't Voxel based, but as somebody already stated, it ran in 640x480, so it had to be scaled down. This isn't impossible, as you can see, if you launch "I have no mouth but I must scream" with ScummVM, but the text becomes very hard to read. It isn't a problem with the source not...
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    Stoopid Q About Outcast

    I am not sure, but as far as I remember Outcast didn't support stx images, try an image in .st format. The game should boot up automatically after you started the emulator. A few games stored their data in regular files, in this case, double click floppy A and look for a file with the extension...
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    Fba Emulater

    Answer: No
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    Games That Run Well With The Current Uae4All?

    Uridium II, it takes ages to load, but runs fine with frameskip 1.
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    How Well Does Caanoo Play Videos?

    Sure, the Caanoo downsizes the videos by itself, but it does it in software and from what I have tried, the Caanoo is much to slow for this. I wonder, if your xvid videos are playing fine with a constant frame rate and constant sound output, because I didn't saw any movie sized bigger than...
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    How Well Does Caanoo Play Videos?

    1) No, try 320*200 2) MKV isn't supported 3) No 4) No 5) No
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    Caanoo - A Fail Console?

    Here is a video of somebody playing Zelda Ocarina of Time on an actual version of mupen64 onthe Pandora Unless they optimized the emulator in a unbelievable way since this video was made, I wouldn't call this "pretty much perfect", but way to slow...
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    My Experience With The Caanoo

    You wrote in your thread title, this should be for people interested in buying a Caanoo, testing 1 games (of thousands of SNES games), not telling which one and not writing, why you found it awful and what settings you used, what clockspeed you used and if you actually tried to get the game...
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    Icontrolpad + Iphone4 > Caanoo/wiz

    Kind of useless thread, you should post this in an iForum.
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    Best Firmware?

    Try 1.0.6 if you like, 1.5.0 was released later and was considerably slower, at least in GPMark and from my experience in some emulators too, but this is only my subjective observation, I didn't benched it.