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    Powder - A Graphical Roguelike, With Source, For N-ds, Gba, Sdl Etc.

    jeff has some good stuff. it has a psp port as well now. I'm sure you could just recomp it for gp2x with maybe minimal changes. a new backend maybe, like the psp's.
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    it has save, but its permadeath. othwise what is the point of random? it has plenty of rewards! QUOTE This game principe is so far away from Diablo2 & Co. that "lightyears" can't describe it. Maybe I've played it wrong but I really couldn't find anything in this game what you could describe...
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    Is Installing Ultima 7 On Linux Possible?

    Nah when you pirate things, they usually set it up so you just unpack them. Installing is for originals. Since you pirated it off abandonia, just unpack it.
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    Voxel Demo

    all I remember is the mars demo. that was classic.
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    Upcomming Games And Emulators In 2008

    still looking to have fishguts completed this year. working on that 'last chunk' of code, the combat engine (its going to be very similar to the gold box combat engine)...
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    GP2X Head Over Heels Port To Gp2x

    loved HoH on c64. i remember the first time I got them to meet up! whoo. took a long time for me to beat that game
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    Cannot Run Exult On F200

    um... all of them?
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    GP2X Pssst!

    Difficulty really goes up when you need to use more than one can type on bugs :) aka level2+... Im guessing thats its same difficulty compared to the original. havnt run into any show stoppers or anything yet but i cant get past level 2. It would be nice (but not I guess in the spirit of the...
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    GP2X Pssst!

    much better. I die all the time ;) I need to play some more to better test. You need to make the intro skippable by hitting start or something. Its way too long to sit through (cheers for the volume control on it tho).
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    Ski/winter Games

    c64 winter games is still the best. also world games (c64) has a slalom skiing component + ice barrel jumping. and games winter edition recap ;) Winter Games World Games The Games : Winter Edition
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    GP2X Pssst!

    some feedback; - no volume control on the zx load screen (i about had a fit when it started and couldnt stop it). thankfully there is an option to turn it off. - I cant drop cans? once i pick one up that seems to be it and its all I can use... so I can never pick up the hearts/coins etc...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    whooo nice work craig! mmm me dreams of having his rpg run on the new machine.. I'll have to start saving the cash!
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    GP2X Pssst!

    I'll only test if it has the c64 loading screen. None of this speccy loading screen border stuff :) booo speccy!! :) hehehe pm me, I'll test.
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    Whats Coming For The Gp2x?

    still soldering on with Fishguts (still need a better working title!). Doing the combat engine right now, the last _big_ game piece, the rest is rough edges and story dialogue!
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    GP2X Little Help Porting Sdl App

    if you want to use tv out you will have to use SW rendering anyway. just an fyi
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    A Few Initial Findings About The Gp2x F-200

    NO!! Dont test it! Because if its fixed I'll have to get one too and I dont have the cash. :)
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    GP2X Little Help Porting Sdl App

    good luck with that, the second core is next to useless.
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    Anyone Received Their F-200 Yet ?

    heres some cheese to go with your whine.
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    Compiling Open2x Libraries On Ubuntu Gives Me Problems ...

    I have _never_ been able to build the open2x libs. Toolchain is fine but building the libs, some build, some dont, then it snowballs.