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    Custom Firmware (1.06B Based) From

    Hi! people,   Surfihng the net i found this CFW. (1.06b based) perhaps someone manage to downgrade the caanoo, if  not happy with lastest firmwares-   The creator claims it doesn't have any advantages, over the original 1.06 FW, but as far as I know its the fastest   hope it might help someone
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    Caanoo With Psp Controller (Working)

    Hi! yeah its confortable, very. The only two thing are the deadzone, but is almost unnoticeable. i would say like a caanoo with 2 o3 months use. and the other issue is losing the "click" button. but works sweet XD It's inside the case, so it doesn't get hit if it falls to the ground, (the case...
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    Hi guys, i wanted to try it, but i just coudn't run it. the caanoo's loading screen appears but it goes back into the caanoo menu, I did put the folders in the right places, tried with a empty SDcard, intalled it alone and then over prboom, but with the same results.   my caanoo is running the...
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    Caanoo With Psp Controller (Working)

    Hi guys, as i said before i needed to replace de caanoo controller, but the shipping was too expensive, then a friend of mine, expressed that i could use a psp analog controller. thought about it a little and ask him if he could do that mod, and yep he did it !!!   the video...
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    Diy Caanoo Tv-Out Adapter...

    last year i made one out of an old samsung cellphone charger, but few emulators and games worked fine, and its really unconfortable if you use the caanoo its better to use a joypad. but you depend on the caanoo's battery. it better to buy an old notebook with tv out( i use the motherboard of an...
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    Replace Caanoo Analog With A Psp Fat Analog

    thanks for the hint! i know a ps2 analog controller can be attached to a broken psp, so i guess a psp one might work just fine.
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    Replace Caanoo Analog With A Psp Fat Analog

    i'll do it asap
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    Replace Caanoo Analog With A Psp Fat Analog

    )hi exophase, i just was told that there is a different online store wich has the controller,with better delivery rate (prices?), "only" $56 usd aprox. (check the pic i've attached if you don't believe the rates) when i bought the caanoo the shipping cost me only 35 dollars from China in a high...
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    Seven New Caanoo Games Uploaded To The Archive

    long time since the last time i visited this page, but i'm happy to know that there are unselfish people who cares about their caanoo and bring new games to the scene!!
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    Replace Caanoo Analog With A Psp Fat Analog

    hi guys. i need some help and i was wondering if some of you guys might be able the aid me. my problem is my caanoos's analog controller it worn out, so i though (did think?) about buying one from here , but the shipping cost $100 to my country (chile) and thats almost 2/3 of cost of a new...
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    Broken Analog (Caanoo)

    Hi Guys! Does anyone knows the model, number or anything about the caanoo analog, so i can ship it ?? mine's is broke, over use i guess XD, i travel a lot from my house to my University, SO I MISS THE CAANOO (and i won't buy psp nor psvita, or android phone, 'cause caanoo its just what i need)...
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    [Caanoo/wiz] Pcsx Rearmed R12

    mrkingoo, i'll try other game version, just couldnt make it start. all i've got was a black screen. zapler0, maybr try downloading a new image of the disc, i use the same cfg, i'm on the 2nd disc (us ntsc ver.) and i've got no problems so far.
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    [Caanoo/wiz] Pcsx Rearmed R12

    mrkingoo, please can you tell me wich config you use to play nfs3, i can't make it work (i'm trying with an ntsc us version copy) the iso works on epsxe so i can say it's not corrupted... wich bios are you using?
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    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo As An Usb Keyboard

    would be very cool to be able to use the caanoo as an usb keyboard, for those pc's like media centers that doesn´t use a keyboard o when you don't have one available and you need to get into the bios configuration o when your usb or ps/2 keyboard is broken and you don´t want to buy a new one...
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    Prboom, I Need Help With It

    port? haha my skills aren't that good, thanks for the help anyway!!! but learning how to do it might be a good summer hobbie, would you suggest me any books or language to start with? to learn to programing to then know how to start porting stuff?
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    Pocket Snes 7.2.0

    it's a good idea, i'm doiing the same. cause i coudn't make my star ocean rom in the emu 7th version to work , so i keep the 6.5 to play it, but i use the 7th to almost all the other games..
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    Prboom, I Need Help With It

    i've posted this a few moments ago i other topic, but i just realized that this is the right spot to post right.-- is anyone been able to run the TC mr smiley head safari? it has been reported that works in the nintendo ds prboom port, and i can play it on the windows port of prboom, but i just...
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    New Additions To The Prboom Wad Collection

    is anyone been able to run the TC mr smiley head safari? it has been reported that works in the nintendo ds prboom port, and i can play it on the windows port of prboom, but i just can't make it work on the caanoo... i've tried this two methods (crating 2 gpe files), with no luck...