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    Release Emu EX Plus Alpha ported to the Pandora

    I don't think I can try new versions for a few days, but I'll do it by monday. Here you go.
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    Release Emu EX Plus Alpha ported to the Pandora

    Sorry, ptitSeb, I missed the notification. I only have cheats for NESemu around, and the problems still persist with the Aug 23rd version, unfortunately.
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    Release Emu EX Plus Alpha ported to the Pandora

    Same here, the last version (and probably the previous one, I can't remember if I tested it) of NESemu has the same issue.
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    Release The Ur-Quan Masters

    Huh, thanks for the easier version, I guess my poor skills are gone as an excuse for not commiting to play the game. It's a really great one.
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    What software are we still missing on Pandora? (A Wish List)

    Thanks, Canseco, however you are, that was awesome.
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    What software are we still missing on Pandora? (A Wish List)

    I'd be very interested if someone could port Race For the Galaxy AI, should be pretty simple. OTOH, it might need some resolution adjustment...
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    Test-Run of the 1GHz Pandoras happens today (2012-07-05)

    You might enjoy this. http://en.wikipedia....ic_irregularity
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    RPG Recommendation

    Thanks for that, I knew nearly nothing about the series. Shame that it seems I'll play the PSP versions, however.
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    RPG Recommendation

    I've heard good things about secret of evermore, a simpler but also shorter and interestingly quirky rpg for the snes.
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    Reddit is talking about the Pandora... They seem to not like it very much

    Exactly alike, no. But nothing's alike these days and not everyone buys a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, a portable console and a pandora.
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    R-Button doesn't seem to have been fixed

    Hi, any news or confirmation of reception? Unfortunately, I think the mail receipt with the tracking number got tossed, so I can't tell where my precious is... :(
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    R-Button doesn't seem to have been fixed

    Hi, I've received my Pandora, which was sent because of a broken right corner, but it came back with the R-Button not clicking except very further back, and fiddling with the screws made it even hard to use the button. I've tried ask EvilDragon, but he's very busy and probably hasn't seen...
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    [SOLVED] Again with the shared folder through a home network

    Weird. I had the same issue with a Popcorn Hour and had to create another account with a password and use that.
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    Problem with L button

    I have a related problem on my fixed Pandora. I sent it because the right trigger was forced inside by a fall. Now that it's back, I can only press R if I press it on the innermost place, which doesn't work for me. Fiddling slightly with the screws made it worse. It doesn't seem stuck, but it...
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    is there something keeping repairs from happening?

    Hey, Michael, sorry to nag you again, but it's been 6 weeks and I still don't know if my Pandora arrived there or not, which probably limits my options to do something in case it didn't. Could you please find out if it has? (repair it whenever, though.)
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    Pandora2: Internal trackpad?

    I have a weird idea that probably violates the laws of physics... What if you had a second touchscreen where the keyboard is now but where you could apply a few different plastic layers to change functionality? I mean like the iPhone and iPad have keyboards, nubs and buttons that you can stick...
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    Release Commercial apps now accepted in the repo.

    That's because it's not the buyer who gets *ed, it's the seller. You can easily buy something on ebay and tell paypal it never arrived and get your money back with no recourse. Don't do it, though.
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    Preparing for Germany (2011-08-26)

    Oh, ED, what have you done? Your innocence is kind of endearing... When the idea was suggested initially, I felt a little betrayed. But, realistically, I've had the Pandora for a year already, and they haven't, so why should I complain? I also think the Pandora needs every advantage it can...
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    What's the address can I send my pandora for fixing?

    And tell me the answer, because I did exactly the same thing (OPT hasn't answered for a couple of days, maybe ED has more time?) *mumble* Being clumsy is a bitch.
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    Release Gngeo 0.8.2

    Yeah, thanks, turns out my download wasn't actually finished overnight. :blink: Works like a treat. If only I were any good at fighting games... at least there's infinite continues :lol: