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    Oh's another n00b

    EDIT by Axeman : moderated - peronal insults and bad attitude... Keep the pesonal insults to yourself kitsune. This is one of the most friendly boards I know of, and I'm sure everyone wants to keep it that way....
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    GP32 mentioned in GamesTM

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    Newbies wishes....

    Finally, someone on the board who uses the propper spelling of the word "Newbie"!! I'm so happy right now. :D
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    For us oldschool MAC users

    I would just like to point out that Apple software has and allways will, SUCK!!!
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    I have had plenty of experience working with M.U.G.E.N. in the past and would love to see it ported to the GP32. It would instantly add hundreds of fighting games to the system's library and would give people the ability to develop their own GP32 fighting games.
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    First Games Console

    My first console was a Nintendo Entertainment System. I used to spend hours in front of it playing Mario Bros 3 and Duckhunt.
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    Luckiest GP32 Owner Ever

    I'm the luckiest. I haven't gotten shot or raped in over 3 weeks!
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    Obvious? Macromedia Shockwave

    Screw flash! I want Shockwave! Shockmachine32!
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    FrozenBubble would be cool :)

    Bubble Bobble was much better :D
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    VCS32 (Atari 2600 Emu) Released!

    Why 2600? :huh: Why won't someone try to emulate the Atari 5200 or the Atari 7800? They had MUCH better grafx and mostly the same games. The Atari 2600 barely even had sprite animations.
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    Another VirtualDub Question

    you're just missing that codec. go download&install it.
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    Mame Status?

    It would be awesome and well worth the cost&risks of a memory upgrade to play NeoGeo on GP32 :D . SNK & rlyeh are geniuses!
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    PANG alpha version 0.000001

    um... Pang? :huh:
  14. K Emu

    I was thinking about a failed gb competitor a while back called the by Tiger. Contrary to popular belief, it was a good system with quite a few quality games. It had the support of Sega, too. There was Sonic Jam, Resident Evil 2, Mortal Kombat, and Fighter's Megamix, to name a few...
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    neo geo (arcade) emulation possible -- 1st gen?

    I haven't a clue if it's possible or not. I think that it would be kind of hard though. I believe the NeoGeo was more powerfull than the SNES, and we all know how that runs on our handheld. I would kill to be able to play Samurai Showdown, metal slug, or Gowcaizer on my GP32, though.
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    Will Game Park release a new portable?

    31) CHEAPER STORAGE - Something like MiniDisc. They hold about 170 megabites to a disk. Each disk costs less than $2/2euros. It would make the next GP much more versatile. :)
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    Sony to enter hand-held gmes arena

    Microsoft is also actually planning for a portable sytem release. There aren't many details available, especially regarding release date and hardware. I read that the project was codenamed X-Boy. As for the portable Playstation, I think that it would be great. As much as I dislike the PS...
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    not rewritables, but it can read cdr's. Just download the bootdisk iso and burn it to a cdr. Then just load up the boot disk and wait for the swap screen to show up. Then you can just take out the boot disk and put in the disk you want to run. It should work then.
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    Most Wanted Emulator?

    Genesis would be great. I'd love to play Sonic 2, Shining Force, Phantasy Star 2-4, Golden Axe, and especially Kid Chameleon. Amiga would be great to, except for the fact that it had no good games and basically completely sucked. :angry: VirtuaLeech has proven to everyone that they're a...
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    MoviePark file size too big

    Finaly, something I have lots of experience with! :D You can keep your bitrate at 128. Keep the framerate decimated by three. Your problem lies in two places: * In the codec settings, change your maximum quantizer to 30 and your minimum quantizer to nothing less than 15. * Set the...