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    Temper For The Gp32?

    well ? what about that temper ?
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    Temper For The Gp32?

    it is a bit strange because the author on his blog is saying ...   and what about the vAtari emulator ? i have seen that was shared on the pacc 2010 and also here, but links are all dead !
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    Temper For The Gp32?

    at finally was Temper released for the gp32 ?
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    Heart Of The Alien Redux Gp32

    reshare this last file with sound and full screen version, please
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    Any Devs With Free Time? Opensnes9Xgp Needs Fixed.

    thx for the patch !
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    Gp32 Greatest Hits

    nice games
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    GP32 Gp32 Revival Coding Compo

    at finally what happend with this compo ? where are the results ?
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    My New Game

    interesting on that file, Re-share possible ?
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    3D Rally Engine

    the site is dead, Somebody has the files ?
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    Still Using Your Gp32 In 2012

    can someone share that vAtari emu ?   thx in advance
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    I Cant Found Anywhere Vatari (Pacc 2010) (A2600 Emu For Gp32)

    please, share it again because the link is dead :(
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    Drmd V5 Beta 8 - Gp32 Release

    the links are dead, can someone please to sahre it with me ? i can find it ...
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    nice, but isnt possible to adapt the game to gp32 full screen ?
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    New Opensnes9Xgp Binary

    links dead !
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    Pandora Angst Coding Competition 2010: The Winners

    someone has these gp32 programs ? because these links dont works.
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    Duke3d 0.03

    woogal, can you tell when you go to release the next version with savegames for the cool gp32 ? Is a so long time awaiting it, and you promised, remember ? Regards
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    Mame Gp32 2.0 Released!

    How can we know the complete list of games emulated by this version ? Regards
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    Come Get Some :)

    Ok woogal, i will stacy so expect about that new version... Actually exist a port of the game to PSP, was you who did ? greetings
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    Come Get Some :)

    Woogal, that answer from you it means you will release a version with less bugs and with savegames support ? Thx for the port...
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    Come Get Some :)

    Eooooo the author released 2 versions at time in gp2x and 0 in gp32 why the hell ? How many users exist in gp2x actually and how many with gp32 ? try to understand that point. Regards and thx for the previous port