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    How Big Is It?

    That's what she said.
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    Gp2x-f200 Presentation Video

    Cabbages: You know what's easy to run emulators on? PCs. :o
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    New Gp2x F-200

    DS Homebrew ripping? I feel sudoku coming on.
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    'sleuth Slots' Fruit Machine Sim Released

    So I take it that harddrive recovery went well?
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    Doukutsu Monogatari ~ Cave Story

    Slightly longer loading times versus the at least half hour it takes to write this to an SD card, I'll take. Also, I find it's just easier to corrupt when you're dealing with such a long write.
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    Doukutsu Monogatari ~ Cave Story

    I remember someone mucked around with Egoboo so it wasn't so many separate files. Could that be done here?
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    Cps2emu, Please Add Remappable Buttons!

    Well chillun, it does come with source for anyone with the initiative to DIY. Personally, I'm piss at getting a dev environment working, especially on Vista...
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    Open2X toolchain?
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    Cave Story ~~ Doukutsu Monogatari

    X=jump A=shoot or Super Metroid's B=jump Y=shoot. I'm noticing saves don't always actually stick. It seems like it's always the one from the previous location that works. Say I save at location A, then location B, when I come back and load, it will load from when I saved at A, even if I save at...
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    Cave Story ~~ Doukutsu Monogatari

    One thing about the controls. Generally, the bottom button, in this case X would be jump, and the left, in this case A would be shoot. Or in Super Metroid's case, the other two respective buttons, but that is something of a de facto standard.
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    Cave Story ~~ Doukutsu Monogatari

    I can't see the data files needing to be replaced. It's entirely likely.
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    Cave Story ~~ Doukutsu Monogatari

    Is there a way by which we can donate to this fine project? Also, I think it would be nice to organize a thank you for Pixel's permission as well. I'm sure Shih Tzu would help out.
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    Craigix Discloses Information On New Gp2x?

    Buddy, it's called the PSP. Any "competition" for a homebrew device like this just dilutes the market, which is just nails in the coffin.
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    Why Did You Get A Gp2x?

    Dude, I got it for the chicks.
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    Xbox Pad

    Well, he mentions an xbox HID driver, which would suggest that it doesn't matter. I could be mistaken.
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    Xbox Pad

    I've tested my xbox 360 controller, and it certainly doesn't work.
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    Xbox Pad

    The mini-usb port? No, you're gonna need a bob or a cradle or make your own.
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    Xbox Pad

    Any normal USB controllers that don't require drivers.
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    Xbox Pad

    No drivers.