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  1. Axeman

    Gp32X Meetup 2004

    Well, I know Toby is still around (Tobriand - int he blue t-shirt in the front), and me of course (beardy in the front)...
  2. Axeman

    Gp32X Meetup 2004

    ...any of the guys on this photo still around here??? Man - those were the days :)
  3. Axeman

    Last Ninja 2 - The Central Park Cover

    Bah - I thought I may as well see who's still around here. It's been a few years since my last major posting on these forums, and I forgot how much of a laugh it all was, due to the bizarre b*llocks that gets talked around here :) . Real life kind of gets in the way (by way of a new baby girl...
  4. Axeman

    Electric Toothbrush Thread

    Heh, man I miss this place :P
  5. Axeman

    What's The Best Linux Distro To Use?

    I've always used Ubuntu, but have never stuck with it for that long. Different for me as a MAc user I suppose, but on my PCs, I always end up having to go back to Windows for something or other...
  6. Axeman

    A fresh start

    Lummy! I'm still alive - honest!
  7. Axeman

    I Could Cry :(

    Just learn by it! I do a lot of photography, and I actually have two backups. Once on an external HDD (once a week) and once a month this gets archived to DVD. Bit of a pain, but nothing compared to losing it....
  8. Axeman

    Jeff Minter On Retrogaming

    I'd say that Mr Minter, formerly a great exponent of retro stuff, has decided that he's sick of being associated with the scene. I think that there's a possibility that this is more down to the fact he has a new game coming out, and doesnt want people to think it's going to be a retro-fest...
  9. Axeman

    Lunar Eclipse

    Thanks. It was a long, cold night. Clouds almost spoilt it too, but I persisted, and got the series of shots I've been trying to get for about 5 years! Not like you get many chances, and virtually every Eclipse over the last few years has been a washout because of cloud.
  10. Axeman


    Price is a big problem with MS operating systems. With the Vista Premium edition being well over £300, it's nto suprising that people are wary. Why can't MS be like Apple, and offer the new versions of their OS for about £80? The last update I did to my MacOS was fairly major in the way of...
  11. Axeman

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year! :D Lets hope its a good 'un!
  12. Axeman


    Where do people reckon the best place to go for a non-preorder wii would be? I didnt have the cash to preorder, and now I've got to wait in line for one of the few available on the day...!
  13. Axeman

    Amiga Big Bash

    Nope - unfortunately not!
  14. Axeman

    Amiga Big Bash

    Right.... Photos! Not too many cos the missus drove off with the camera for half the day! Anyway:- GP2xs on the stall more... flyers :) Craig and Bobsonsirjonny doign what looks like some really dodgy deal :P This is the one craig asked me to use....! ;)
  15. Axeman

    Amiga Big Bash

    Hiya all... Well.... I enjoyed it. But. Unfortunately (I think due to short-noticeness of it all), It wasnt as 'retro' as we were hoping. However, what it has done is enabled us to test the waters and see that there's a lot of interest in all things retro, even among the hardcore Amiga...
  16. Axeman

    Amiga Big Bash

    Heh - yep! I'm here, as is Craig. Think he wants to remain in the background :)
  17. Axeman

    Amiga Big Bash

    Well... looks like you need something that can handle shoucast streams (.NSV I think) which includes winamp, and possibly itunes? Its working anyway :)
  18. Axeman

    Amiga Big Bash

    Right! We're here, and some of the setting up is happening. Craig ain't arrived yet, but hopefully hewont be long... Go here for the feed :- I'm the round bloke in the green yoda t-shirt thats hanging aound around the cam at the moment....! updates throughout the day...! Live webcam...
  19. Axeman

    Amiga Big Bash

    Well... got up at 4:30am to start the journey to Peterborough. Looking forward to meeting some of you there. Always interesting meeting the forum members. Make sure you come up to Craig's stall and make yourself known to us! Might be an idea to make yourself a name badge too with your forum...
  20. Axeman

    Amiga Big Bash And Retro 2006

    Hiya all, Well, it's next weekend now - for details of what will be there go here :- and here for the exibitors :- We're looking on it as more of a meet-up than anything else, and a chance for as many of us as possible to get together...