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    Quake V2?

    it wasnt that bad lol try it, it did look pretty good ~Octavious
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    is teh gp2x Compatible with teh gp32?

    ... the atleast in the title... ~Octavious
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    Collision Detection

    nicely put, and about a transparent sprite, if you still do the same code, the computer dosnt know the differance, just you do ~Octavious
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    Collision Detection

    should be a simple rect function or, thats what I use in C++ however, if your sprites arent rectangles, then you might have some collision problems with transparencys (spelling sucked on that) ~Octavious EDIT a little late on the draw.... well, that code looks good, Ill post a snip from my...
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    Quake V2?

    for my scrapped halflife mod, we used ... uh... mipscale or something like that, where it didnt scale down the textures at all over any distance, looked really nice, but ran about 6 FPS on the GP32. If we could get the GP2X to run like that but at 15+ fps, then we will have our 3d engine of...
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    GP2X Quake 1 Port

    Do you think we could get 20 frames out of this eventually? And what about Quake 2 with no particles, would optimising some parts in there make for a great FPS on the GP2X?? Thx ~Octavious
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    Keyboard Support

    would work wonders for devr's in Quake and Quake2 ~Octavious
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    What's Wrong With This Code?

    check the rest of your code for something that sets it to the max value Thats what I had the problem of in my game, when ever you hit a ball, it went rolling up and to the left or right, not straight figured out I had put a wrong letter somewhere ~Octavious
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    GP2X Quake 1 Port

    well, please post anything you find back! I have the Quake 1 code on my worstation and am loking at it, but I am still an entry level coder, so this is all you guys ~Octavious
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    GP2X Quake 1 Port

    theoreticaly, and a good guess, what sort of speed updates will this give us, you think? Anything faster is always apreciated Thanks! ~Octavious
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    Gp2x New Revision: Will It Come Soon?

    would be cool to see a ram mod like the 64mb ram mod on the gp32 imagine, 128MB of ram, umm.... CRAZY Quake 2! ~Octavious
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    GP2X Quake 1 Port

    Are You going to make Quake a little faster? If so, thank you so MUCH. When you are finished, do you think you could look at Quake two? Ive read that disabling the particles, which I believe are heavy on floating point, gives like 12fps, the same speed we have here. If we could get Quake 2 to...
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    Quake 0.02

    ANYWAYS... this runs 12fps at what, 320x240? and about the guy that said Quake 2 runs at 12fps with no particle, at a normalish OC, and to Woogal, what speed could we expect from Quake 2 on the GP2X? Is that going to be your next task? I am holding off on getting another new PSP until they...
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    Buying A Psp

    9 months ago the console was a month and a half old.... NOTHING has a lot of good games at 1 1/2 months.... There is good games I am gonna sell mine to get a new one (my UMD drive broke...) soon so I can play all my fun games on the go SOCOM ( This game is sometin else online, unlike ANY...
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    GP2X Handling Game States

    ya, thats about how I did it, just less states ~Octavious
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    GP2X Handling Game States

    what sort of game are you doing? in mine, I just have a simple loop where it shows intro, credits, and then goes to the game (I only have a simple on screen, one stage game) I just used a small loop where I loaded a state, then loaded the next after 3 seconds, then loaded the next after 2...
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    Gp2xpsx Iso Rips Using Os X

    ooppps double/post ~Octavious EDIT for uncompressing them, say you d/l one, which no one does these days cause its bad :ph34r: you could try programs like GUI Tar 1.0.2 & OPEN UP 3.2 I havnt used either of these, but thats what google tells me, hope its a step in the right direction!
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    Gp2xpsx Iso Rips Using Os X

    buy a REAL computer :ph34r: .... j/k there should be a simple ISO ripper for MACs , theres all that illegal DVD stuff on them, just rip an ISO, and that should work, theoretically (butchered the spelling on that one) ~Octavious
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    Gorillaz Gp2x

    looks nice, looks profesional, I like it, When I get my GP2X, this will go on there for a while cause my best friend is a Gorillaz freak! good work ~Octavious
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    GP2X Tinygl Ported To Gp2x

    So, in a nut shell, can we use this to get Quake 1 - 2 running faster/looking better? I sure hope so, cause I am itching to do a Quake mod... ~Octavious