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    1080 Snowboarding Banjo Tooie
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    Sonic Shuffle Unreal Tournament Evil Twin
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    Gizmondo Exec In Jail

    His life sucks How is that illegal btw?
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    What Are Best Gba Linkable Games?

    zelda four swords rocks link cabled
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    >6 Minute Load Time On Psp

    if you play games off the memory stick load times become nearly unnoticeable
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    how long does it take a black woman to take shit nine months
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    Need Reasons...

    buy it, its not like 169 is really that much its just paper
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    can some1 point me to the thread that this sig spawned from
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    Led Modification

    I hope you post a picture when your done.
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    Good Sdio Related News

    I may be wrong, but doesn't gp2x only have one sd port? So you would have to choose over wifi and storage.
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    Gigas Engine 0.7.5

    i know he ported it to ps2 also
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    >6 Minute Load Time On Psp

    gta doesn't take long to load at all
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    Is It Just Me Or ...

    post some pics in the chatbox
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    Interesting Artical On Psp Vs Gp2x

    i saw that yesterday they gave the gp2x a buy though, so thats cool
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    Explain Please?

    if you have a gp32 though i wouldn't use it the mouse actually feels very nice, but the whole desktop theme doesn't suit gp32 imo use slubmans fw
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    The Good Old Days

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    Psp Rules

    the forum has owned moderation
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    Psp Rules

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    How Many People Still Prefer The Gp32 To Gp2x

    i have a gp32 and want a gp2x just so i can talk in places other than off topic on the forums
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    The Good Old Days

    whats this in our right hand? oh look its a katamari!