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    A Problem With Fxegui

    Hmmm I developed it using some beta version of 2.0 but it doesn't seem to work with just 2.0 installed heh good old Microsoft. I'd hazzard a wild guess that it might work if you installed 1.0 and the SP but wow that would really be overkill! For a guess it probally just needs rebuilding using...
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    Good Place To Buy A Supercard Sd

    Hi sorry if this is a bit late but I've heard goodthings about, also a really good forum for supercard stuff is cheers
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    Which Version Of Tetris Do You Like The Most?

    I'd add another vote for tetris DX, although I'd put the original GB version as a very close 2nd... level 9 high 5 course mind.
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    Smc Assistance

    if its not working and it formats fine + chkdsk reports no errors its possibly the gp32....
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    Smc Assistance

    Normally formatting of the SMC should work in windows 2000 but for unknown reasons it doesn't for some people. mkdosfs.exe will work with any version of windows though so yes no harm in trying it etc...
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    Smc Assistance
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    How Many Of You Still Are Using Text Mode?

    screen and irssi ;) also rtorrent is a great console torrent app.
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    Recall Announcment

    are any of the "first batch" sent out by GBAX affected by this recall then? or are they not part of the first 500?
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    mmm pies.
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    Orders, Orders Everywhere...

    Isn't the neocd.bin file like copyrighted and stuff?
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    Gpx2 Just Arrived

    I just don't understand why gbax don't update the website and say "Oppps! no CD - sorry" or such like - much like the shipment date, if they'd just kept the website updated with some sort of accurate ETA I'm sure these forums wouldn't be so rabid. I personally don't care about the CD.... also...
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    Gph Clearing The Facts

    Woogal> Re: the Nand is locked. You can't browse into it or lauch games / utilities from it via the "dashboard" ( Orange thing ) perhaps thats what it refers to. Though yes you're right you can get access to it very easily still from code...
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    Gpx2 Just Arrived

    There was no lolly in my pack. I did get some earphones though, not that you'd use them or anything, they're awful ;)
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    Gpx2 Just Arrived

    try reconnecting the usb cable at the gp2x end after starting the usb utility.. XP starts to configure it but then gets an error... thats as far as I've got. I hadn't tested this until now... I have a card reader...
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    Gph Clearing The Facts

    I just got my unit this morning, I thought the boot time would bug me, but its really not that bad actually.
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    So Who Gets Case And Headphones

    Yep everything seems to working fine. No problems at all ;)
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    So Who Gets Case And Headphones

    I just got mine and it comes with the gp32 headphones and the Astonishia Story cases GBAX used to be selling... nothing to get excited about really.
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    Email Notification Poll!!!

    Just got mine too! OMFG! ( I was another early day 1 adopter )
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    An Update

    Some people claimed to have on another thread...
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    Decent Freeware Avi Splitter?