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    I Want This Nes Controller!

    I love those DIY video game projects. They showcased the big NES controller on G4 TV, and I think they even built another one and showed the process. After seeing that, some guy did the opposite and made the SMALLEST NES controllre in the world. He used special paper to print a circuit on a...
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    Which Will You Buy?

    Pandora. When the wiz was announced, I was surprised because I didn't think GPH was working on another handheld. Then I realized, well, its basically an upgraded GP2X. It runs more MHZ than Pandora so I'd like to see how that pans out. The pandora has a lot more to offer and seems to have more...
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    Fs: Gp2x F100 First Edition Mark 1

    honestly I think trades are too risky here. It only comes with the GP2X, 1 GB SD Card, and Original Box (as stated in the first post).
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    Fs: Gp2x F100 First Edition Mark 1

    here we go.
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    Fs: Gp2x F100 First Edition Mark 1

    I got a PSP so I'll be selling off my GP2X. It was a first edition unit, F100. In good condition, no scratches on screen, no dead pixels. Two small specks of dust noticeable under screen (can be cleaned out). I heard there were screen flicker problems with this model of GP2X, but I personally...
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    Gp2x Used In Magazine Advertisement

    hey guys this is not really important but I was reading WIRED magazine the other day and in an advertisement for "AXE Detailer", a stupid sponge thing for the shower, there was a picture of a GP2X (vectorized artwork) to represent a video game device. It was mirror imaged for obfuscation I...
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    GP2X How To Not Reinvent The Wheel

    I think a bunch of this stuff is already on the wiki: If you find something that isn't there but should be, well, you could just stick up a page there and give credit to the author.
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    Open2x Makefile

    Updated Makefile proven to work. This is useful for newbies who are lost on linux. I had to upgrade to glibc 2.6 to get the pre-made toolchain gcc and g++ to work on my system, without using the archive that YakumoFuji claims is for working on the GP2X kernel. The specific debian package I...
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    Open2x Makefile

    I'm just getting back into GP2X again, and I must be missing something here. I have Ubuntu, I installed the gcc ubuntu package in case I want to dev for my x86 PC. Then, I went to and followed the instructions. I clicked the link for...
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    Open2x Makefile

    I've been reading through this topic to help me get my Linux dev environment setup. I'm posting my makefile that I successfully got to compile a helloworld test app. Annoyingly, the Open2x toolchain installed in /opt/open2x/gcc-3.4.4-glibc-2.3.6 but the library package (for SDL and others)...
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    Which Version Of Tetris Do You Like The Most?

    Tetris The Grandmaster, arcade. Not released in US :( Example gameplay video That video is of The Grandmaster 2, which is basically The Grandmaster 1 with 3D backgrounds, and added modes.
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    Sdl Code Help Needed...

    You see, every time you press a button down, an event is generated once. Then, when you let go of that button, another event is generated (button up). So what you could do is have a variable for each button. When a button goes down you set the variable to 1. when the button goes up you set the...
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    New Member - New Game

    Good work. Currently, your source code is not available on your website. I'm wondering which joystick direction method you are using? Based on this chart: If I concentrate really hard, I can hit the penguins fairly well with my stock...
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    Comments In The File Archive... Limitation?

    I understand that old comments (especially with frequently updated files) are obsolete & inaccurate, which is why it is so much more important to show the NEWEST 10 comments, not the OLDEST 10 comments. Basically we're looking at files in the archive and the comments are like "I can't get this...
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    Comments In The File Archive... Limitation?

    I can't seem to figure out how to read all the comments (in fact, I can't read more than the first 10) on any file uploaded to the archive. For example, the very popular DrMD Emu for GP2X has 178 comments, but I can only see the first (and oldest) 10. Is this a limitation of the...
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    Sdl Games

    Well, an easy way to take care of the resolution thing (though it would reduce performance and might not look nice) is to take the original game's source code, and whenever you see the code drawing to the screen, technically during a screen flip (which should be just once per frame), shrink the...
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    Nomis 0.5 - Simple Pattern Game

    I worked on it some more and released a new version, Nomis 0.8. Changes in 0.8: - Controls more responsive - Added Volume controls - Changed graphics slightly Download at: by the way if anyone knows how to reduce the size of the executable (this...
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    Nomis 0.5 - Simple Pattern Game

    I have noticed what you are talking about when I was first designing the game; but I thought I had fixed that issue. Basically, while the computer is playing the pattern, all player input is ignored. You are supposed to wait until you see "Your Turn" to start pressing buttons. But there might be...
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    Nomis 0.5 - Simple Pattern Game

    Nomis 0.5 by Michael Butler 01/28/06 A simple memory/pattern game written in C with the SDL libraries and Karl Bartel's SFont code for the bitmap font drawing routines. Watch the computer choose a sequence of button presses, then repeat the pattern using the A B Y X buttons. So far I couldn't...