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    Release PFBA

    Wow! Amazingly. Thanks a lot! It's long time for me want to get a new fba version.
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    Hardware mouse don‘t work with nubs and touch screen

    But the right nub also can't do anything. I think it's hardware problem. Is anyone had before?
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    Hardware mouse don‘t work with nubs and touch screen

    I can sure the nub config have no problem. But the mouse can't move use nub. The touch screen also can't move the mouse. The test input have no response. The right nub also can't click. I already flash the OS. But the mouse still can't work. I didn't use the pandora for two month. Is it have...
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    SOLD!!! ********** Pandora Rebirth Edition - very good condition!

    I send a message to you. Check it please. I want to buy it.
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    That took a while...

    @EvilDragon I watch the video. I wish the pyra will turn on at the end. But it didn't happen. Is there anything wrong about the OS or PCB? How about the progress of the OS?
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    Release SunVox (ultimate multiplatform synth/sampler/tracker)

    @cube48 Hi! The new version of SunVox can't open after first launch.
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    Release Open Fodder

    Thanks! It work fine now.
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    Release Open Fodder

    @ptitSeb My system is R1.76 without update. Everything are default. I will update my OS later.
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    Release Open Fodder

    The game is work fine. But when press 'esc' to quit the game. The toolbar will disappear after a few minutes. The mouse can move. But everything else can't run. I must move the battery to restart the Pandora. I use 1G pandora. Now, I can only press the 'Pandora Button' to quit the game.
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    pandora lcd dark vertical lines

    The lines get longer when I check it today. I changed the motherboard to my CC pandora. It work fine now. The 1g pandora which I just buy from forum. I guess the LCD broken on the way shipping to me.But I still can't understand why these lines can change for no reason when I just leave the...
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    pandora lcd dark vertical lines

    I think the led is broken. What I do is just wait, maybe it will better.
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    pandora lcd dark vertical lines

    Hi! The LCD have some dark vertical line. But I found these lines will reduce or increase after some hours for no reasons. I didn't know why. Does anyone know how to fix it? Here is the pictures.
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    Thanks every one post these amazing pictures. It‘s a long way the pyra preorders go to 1000. But it's more fun to wait when saw these number images.
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    Pyra christmas update :)

    Thanks your news. I guess we will soon get our Pyra. It's hard made them out and send them to us. My personally want to a docking station than a basic mainboard. Because I don't like two PC, it make things complex. I just need one Pyra go out or plug in it with a docking station at home.
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    Comprehensive Status update!

    I'm very glad on the journey of Pyra.
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    [FS] rebirth deluxe package 600mhz

    Check my pm please.
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    pandora add vpn client use pptp

    Hi! The pandora can only add openvpn right now. But I have a vpn use pptp. I didn't know how to configure it in pandora. Did someone use it before? Can help me? It seems I can add a plugin which support pptp. I use opkg and search it. I can't found anything about it.
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    GamesCom Video and Remaining Tasks

    Glad to hear it from you. I followed all the threads. It's hard for you guys to make the pyra finish. The final part seems more and more difficult. You only want to give us a perfect pyra. What to do now is waiting your news and my pyra.
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    [Feeler] Selling 1Ghz Pandora As Bundle

    I'd like give a bid when I see the picture. I still want to get a 1ghz pandora. I just failed to get one for $250 shipping included. Because I can't pay the payments as gift in my country.
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    I check this thread everyday. Not only see the number. All these pictures are retro. It seems these numbers are just for Pyra.