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    Prototype Production Run

    I just want to thank ED for the amazing work! And of course all the crew behind it. And thanks for all the amazing pictures and documentation on how the process is going.
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    Shenmue 3 Kickstarter has begun

    I succumbed to the hype and have pledged. Now let's hope they do not fuck up.. Ah, if somebody really does not like its non Japanese Shenmue II copy, I will gladly buy it for an honest price!
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    BioShock (iOS version)

    It is still quite impressive (even if, for me pretty useless) to see those things running on a smartphone. Now i wonder if it uses the technologies that apple showed at the last wwdc (metal and swift). I also wonder on which apple hardware it will run.  Yes, maybe on an iPad and with a...
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    This Aussie Guy is VERY Unhappy with Jeep - Understatement

    Funny, I got the youtube Jeep pop up commercial while watching it. I guess A.I. have still some work to do :D
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    Aluminium Case - Pictures

    I'm so tempted by the black one. It looks so nice! But the price D: I was disappointed not being able to get a black pandora...  :(  and now it is possible (again)
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    The day the Pandora goes even more open

    Why do I want to buy one when I already have it! :D Amazing initiative ED, it is really cool from the team to open up the sources that way
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    Pyra Release date - Make your Guess here.

    I'm in it. Let's say 15 june 2015 (optimistic)
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    Day of the Pandora is approaching.

    ED, it is possible to know by which components the production of new Pandora units is constrained? It seems to me to have read somewhere that you begin missing wifi chips and nubs, but are there other components that you do not have anymore?
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    Beautiful landscapes are prettier than portraits

    In my opinion, there are only advantages switching to the smaller resolution display. Besides, you might want to check again (as exophase said) the issues with the cpu performance in the megadrive emulator. I have not looked into the datasheet, but it seems to me really strange that you do not...