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    Where are the old folk of GP32?

    Hi Hooka :) That's the problem with having kids, no free time :( plus the GP2X was never quite as much fun as the GP32. Coding Pebble apps these days. Great hardware, and a nice little community that really reminds me of the GP32 scene. if anyone is interested...
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    Tv-out - Why The Difference In Quality?

    Tvs run at 720x480 or 720x576, which is the reason why things look stretched - 320x240 gets scaled to the equivalent of 360x240 or 360x288 (if tvs ran at 640x480 there wouldn't be any problem - the image would just double and not be stretched). The few gp2x apps that look ok on a tv render a...
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    Small Pandora Video

    Everything I imagine, anywhere I go? I can imagine some pretty perverted stuff, but I wouldn't want to do most of it in public ;)
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    What I Needed To Start Deving On The F200?

    You want to dev in english? QUOTE Hi F200, I was wondering if you could display a game for me. Could it please have some pretty graphics and a few sound effects. Maybe a bit of music would be nice too. Many thanks. Coder.
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    Financial Support For Gp2x/pandora Developers

    Many homebrew developers earn a good wage in their day job so a few extra $ doesn't really make much difference, but constructive feedback will do more to encourage a dev to improve a piece of software than any donation ever could. It's just unfortunate that the majority of gp2x users seem to...
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    I'm going to assume you're talking about sdl-config, and not sdl_config as you wrote later on (two completely different things). sdl-config is just a script that echos out the correct paths. Here's mine (from devkitgp2x) CODE #!/bin/sh prefix=/c/devkitGP2X exec_prefix=${prefix}...
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    A Few Basic Questions...

    Quake creates a 320x240 area, and if it's displayed on tv then it displays this area in the centre of a 360x288 or 360x240 screen. This is what stops it scaling badly and helps to avoid overscan problems. As far as I'm aware there are a handful of other apps that use this method, but most don't...
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    Psp Kvm For Gp2x?

    It's not becoming open source, it's always been open source. It's a port of phoneME by Sun which is GPL. And phoneME already has an arm linux build, so that might be a better codebase to start from.
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    Cack Beta 2 Released

    Compiled fine on linux for me (using whatever version of ubuntu was around last June). In fact it was much easier and quicker to find and install all the necessary libs on linux than it was on windows (which cack was developed on).
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    There's also CACK - GPL and cross platform. Feel free to use the code if you want.
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    Tv Out

    The 2x only outputs in dvd mode, which is maximum overscan. A rare few games will compensate for this, but the majority won't fit on your screen unless your tv allows for the overscan to be adjusted.
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    16gb Or 32gb Sdhc Memory Card

    No. High street shops aren't going to be stocking 32gb cards, because if they did their poor staff would have to put up with morons like you talking to them.
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    Tank Battle

    Artillerus on the amiga is the best version I've ever played, closely followed by scorched/pocket tanks, but gorillas is still up there with the best of them. Worms was good too but I always felt the gameplay wasn't as addictive for some reason.
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    What Linux On Pc ?

    It's difficult to tell you which is best, because you haven't said what you want linux for.
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    Doctor Who

    Doctor Who has always been great, and the new series are even better than the old ones, but when I got hooked on Torchwood I soon realised Doctor Who would never really do it for me again.
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    Duke2x V 1.4: Plays Duke Nukem Intro Vid Then Black Screen

    Nothing to do with con files, you'll still be able to start a game no matter what version you've got. Put on the files it says in the readme, remove anything else, and put con files in the main folder (not in the confiles folder like bman has). If it doesn't work then it's possible your sd card...
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    Pdroms Coding Competition #3.99 - 24.01 - 02.03.2008

    Why can't I use a car to enter a 100m race? It goes along the ground just like runners do so what's the problem? The fact is rules have been set. This is Kojote's compo and he can run it any way he likes. If you don't like the rules don't enter - there are plenty of other compos around that do...
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    New Cell Phone

    Nope. Very rarely use emulators. In fact I don't think I've even tried a gp2x emulator.