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    Stick Troubles

    I just started using my GP2X again after a long period of neglecting it over my DS, and my stick seems to be worse than it was before. I don't have the stock cap because I lost it, but I have the one that says GP2X on it. It has started to get really loose and fall off very easily. What I...
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    T.i.m - The Imploding Mutant ( Wip )

    I'd go ahead and get the F-200. Craig's machine is still pretty far off and it'll probably take it a while to develop a decent library.
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    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    Paul Oakenfold - Home, London 31 Oct 99
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    Downloadable Mp3s Are They Killing Quality?

    I can most definitely notice a difference. Whenever I get music, I try to get it in FLAC format so I can encode it to whatever, usually anything thats Lossless and VBR. I listen to a huge variety of music, from heavy metal to trance to happy hardcore and with everything I listen to, there is a...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    It's been great fun reading this thread. It's so cool to see all of these awesome ideas being thrown around. I hope the Craiginator sees the light of day and this truly shows how great this community is.
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    I Just Got My Gp2x!!!

    I didn't just get my GP2X, but I might as well have. I got mine about a year ago, and its been collecting dust for the past few months and I finally decided to start using it again. I've missed out on so much stuff. My new addiction is Cave Story. That game is amazing. One quick question...
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    Stylus Requests

    I say we need a Line Rider clone for the F-200. I dont have one, but it sure would be awesome.
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    Simulation Games

    Sweetness. Can't wait.
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    Pocketsnes V6.3 F200 By Headoverheels

    Is this any better than SquideSNES? I've been away from the scene for a long time.
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    Can Someone Do This?

    Oh my god. A Beatmania sim for GP2X would be the end all, be all killer GP2X app for me. Has anyone seen what the PSP's DJ Max game is like? I would love something like that. If only I could code... Heh, 4 year DDR Veteran myself.
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    Retro Consoles on the GP2X

    They still make Merlin. I see it at Target just about every time I go.
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    :rolleyes: Yeah, just like my uncle reads Playboy for the articles.....
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    Yeah, they work, but the game can only handle one button press at a time, and you can't play like you normally would when using a dancemat. We need an update to Beat2X, .dwi and .sm file support would be totally awesome!
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    Please actually make this and not give up on it! This is a great idea and is something I've been waiting for ever since I got my GP2X! Lady Killer is one of my favorite homebrews of GP2X, and it shows that not all H-Games can't be fun!,0,0,0,27,1008
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    Gpsp2x Goes Public With V9008!

    I get freezing even at 200mhz...
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    Gpsp2x Goes Public With V9008!

    Nevermind, I'm still getting freezing....
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    Replacement Joypad?

    Okay, I tried the paper thing with Craig's cap, but now the paper is stuck in the bottom of the cap and I cant get it out!
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    Gpsp2x Goes Public With V9008!

    About my issue with freezing. I think it was the roms. I got some different ones of the same games, and I'm not getting any freezing.
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    Your Favorite Gba Games?

    Shouldn't this be in the Emulation section?
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    Gpsp2x Goes Public With V9008!

    I was playing Pokemon Fire Red. I can't really recreate it, but it just happens whenever. I'm only overclocked to 245 which is my highest stable OC and I haven't messed with the RAM timings. Warioware Inc. still does not work either. I've also encountered freezing in the intro of Mario and...