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    SD Card not in box?

    Ok so I ordered an 8GB SD card along with the Pandora. The invoice in the box says "1 x 8 GB SD (Air)" but there is non SD Card in the box. Also, is it normal that I got a US plug when I'm in Australia? This new toy is so damn cute though. I'd totally forgotten about it until it arrived.
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    Quake 3 - Worth doing?

    @Pickle, thanks for the round up and pointer in the right direction. Cheers.
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    Quake 3 - Worth doing?

    Only problem with multiplayer for Quake and friends is that Punkbuster won't be supported because PB play their cards close to the chest. Therefore only non-PB servers will let you play.
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    Quake 3 - Worth doing?

    Since I'm not looking to double up efforts on Quake3 I will leave the current ports of Quake3 alone. I'm going to focus on RTCW:ET. I've had some success (not yet working though). Google Code project here:
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    Quake 3 - Worth doing?

    Interested in people's views of porting ioquake3 to the OMAP3350. I am aware that several people have ported Quake3 to OpenGL ES platforms but it seems like no one is willing to GPL that code. I'm not sure if someone else here is already doing it or not (gave up stalking these forums after...
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    WANTED: PowerVR Video Card?

    The PandaBoard has been released which is the big brother to the BeagleBoard. Don't forget that several options to using OpenGL ES in software - ie Linux's Mesa drivers. will point you in the right direction.
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    Xreal - Most Advanced Open Source Engine Based On Q3 Engine

    From my knowledge of XreaL it shifts everything into a Vertex Buffer Object. This includes all geometry as well as textures etc are loaded onto the graphics card in a PC. This is probably why it wants to load 170mb in static variables. As I understand the renderer as well, Tr3b (the main...
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    Increase In 2nd Batch Price More Likely?

    I see talk in this thread of CraigX and Co doing this for the community and to ensure long term survival of the Pandora by getting lots of units "out there". I would just like people to remind themselves that the best way for the Pandora community to be born, grow and prosper is to ensure...
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    Credit Cards - Any Known Date For Possible Chargebacks Etc?

    Ok, I get that no one in charge of Pandora has as much control over Bank issues as they would like so this is not a rant thread and anyone posting should try and keep things constructive. I am wondering if any more details of the credit card charge back are available? Specifically, when will...
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    Best Solar Charger For Pandora

    Danboid given your comments about Big Brother etc I recommend you read a book titled "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand if you have not already done so. It is worth your time.
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    What Do You Reckon [the promotion for individual pandora owners] is?

    Did the first Amigas have something special about them? Maybe something like that?
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    Pandora sales

    Mine has a longer way to go to get to Australia (China -> US/UK -> back past China to Australia) so I'd hope the small jump from UK/US to Russia will be ok.
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    Multi-Media Capibilities

    I just wish they had a hardware SID chip inside it :P
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    Will Linux Ubuntu be preloaded?

    I agree with sHARD's comments. Puppy Linux whilst very good is not as user friendly for novice users (specifically installation of software). Also combining Pandora and Ubuntu gives Pandora more PR boost than any other Linux distribution would. I could see a point in the future where the...
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    The "how Many Have Been Sold?" Thread

    All the Australian orders are likely to start from about now onwards due to time differences. I've pre-ordered mine at 7am here in Aus. BTW Digg has became very lame lately IMO.
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    It's Preorder Day!

    Damn I hate living in the Antipodes. It is 9:22pm on the 30th here but I can't stay awake for another 2 hours to get a pre-order in tonight. Just because Australia is 10 hours ahead of GMT doesn't mean we should be discriminated against :P
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    3d Toolkits

    There was some talk of Irrlicht being ported. Any news on this?
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    Quake 3

    I am going to boycott UT3 and it's creators from now on - I bought the PC version because they specifically said they would release a Linux port "soon" after shipping. Well it has been over a year and it seems talks with Microsoft on collateral issues means they have gone back on that promise...
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    Video: Ubuntu 7.04 On Omap3

    Ubuntu 7.04 being run on OMAP3 Not sure about specs but it is worth watching none the less.
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    Blender Port

    Are you proposing a direct port or something with a modified UI. Maybe something stripped down would be workable on the Pandora's resolution and you could just have a custom UI sitting on standard blender. Interesting project because we are seeing the Blender game engine getting some serious...