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    I Hate To Ask This But...

    n900 Is very pocketable - yes has the ability to emulate ps1 games at or near fullspeed - didn't try but its almost the same as a pandora. My n900 can overclock to 1.1gHz has decent gaming controls - not decent enough for most ps1 games. has a minimum of 7hrs for gaming and 12hrs of music...
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    Running .pnd's On A Beagleboard

    How did you manage to get unionfs working on the beagleboard?
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    Basilisk Ii Cross-Compile Working (68K Macintosh Emulator)

    did you try to configure it to use sdl?
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    Pandora Pancake Pandora Sdk Survey

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    Release Visualboyadvance fari%26rls%3Den
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    Nokia N900 Cpu Overclocked To 1Ghz

    Maximum I've tried is 1.15GHz
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    Usb 1.1 To 2.0 Adapter Try this
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    Q: Warranty At 800Mhz?

    Where I live, room temperature is typically 32C. Does that mean that the warranty is void?
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    New Arm Proc, Pandora 2 Anyone?

    My prediction- Pandora2 will be te first device using the A9 on the market.
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    How To Make Pandora Cheaper

    How about an option for pre-orderers to say "No I don't want a power supply give me a $10 credit for my second Pandora order"
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    By The End Of The Year?

    I'm going to give up if it doesn't come by 10-10-10.
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    Will The Pandora Ever Arrive? Has this been mentioned before? Looks like the limit is not 256MB ram anymore but 512MB
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    Pandora On

    from $13.59
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    Anyone Else Lost Interest?

    I think the Pandora project was started so that we could have the most powerful handheld gaming device. It was unfortunate that delays to Pandora has allowed other devices with OMAP3 come to the market before it. Even if the team starts developing Pandora2 now, It may take another 2 years...
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    Anyone Else Lost Interest?

    Any plans for Pandora2? If they start planning now, perhaps Pandora2 can be the 1st Omap4 device on the market. Another omap3 device coming to the market soon. Which will be first?
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    Port Request With Bounty (os Port)

    What about Darwin. That's OK to port legally right?
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    "estimated" Release Date

    I have a dell axim x50v which still doesnt work well on wifi
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    Pandora Has Compettion

    OMG Sony clones china device. Will Sony be sued?