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    Remember Me?

    that was me, i think scaz might of helped me though, i dont was an awful long time ago....
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    Recovering Data

    cheers guys, i'll give it a try
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    Recovering Data

    is there a way to recover data from a formated hard drive?
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    Dark Alex Does It Again.. Again

    scaz man, 3.10 OE-A is a firmware i'm given to believe. what days did you say you had off this week?
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    Gp2x Mk1 For Sale (uk)

    dude, i made a genuine offer, i accept that it is low, but i should not be a victim of your judgement because this is all i can afford
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    Gp2x Mk1 For Sale (uk)

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    Great Gba Games!

    try megaman battle network 1, 2, 3 & 6, they're a bit good
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    Random Hardware/software For Sale - Take Any Offers

    i'll give you £15 for Resident Evil DS, Ridge Racer DS and James Pond 2 - Codename: Robocod
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    Random Hardware/software For Sale - Take Any Offers

    how much for the ds stuff apart from fifa?
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    Recommend Me Some Music

    Machinae Supremacy!!!! SiD Metal a go-go website
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    Smoking Guy

    well does anyone know where i can get a vidio?
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    Smoking Guy

    does anyone know the name of that guy that smokes like 100 smokes at the same time, and swallows them and stuff....
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    Dun Dun Duh!!!

    My ringtone is "Still More Fighting" and my measage tone is victory
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    Gonna Paint My Gp32

    any body remember my paint job? not to blow my own trumpet, but that kicked ass
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    Advent Children Released

    i've downloaded AC and LR (i do intend to by on its official release), but they're both real judderey, what codecs do i need?
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    Course not, im a good boy, you'd never catch me illegally downloading anything......... ;)
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    hey guys, hows it goin, i downloaded a movie in avi, there is a file *****.sub and a folder named subs containing a rar file, i prsume these files are the subtitles, how do i conbine them?
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    Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

    is there any other difference between the adult and kids version apart from the cover?
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    Your Favorite Superhero

    the best superhero ever is obviously BURNT FACE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Gba Flash Cart

    what cart is it, i might be interested