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    The New Gp32x Mascot Poll

    I have to admit I'm not very happy with the whole design.It looks like a freak. The whole gp attributes thing doesn't work at all,it looks like someone just stuck all these things in the penguin,and now it's a sort of lab experiment.Especially the "I have x-y buttons instead of normal arms"...
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    Got A Gp32 Over A Psp. Was I Right?

    ok,the dead pixel thing is kind of old was a launch units problem mainly.and no sticky buttons tbh. plus,when you mention the "emu potential" of the psp,it's not potential,it's reality. there's tons of emus on it already and it does a lot of things better than gp32 for obvious reasons...
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    3d Demo

    it would still be cool,even to make a mercenary type game.
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    Attention All Personel, Incomming N00bz

    the psp news page on dcemu has already mentioned the gp2x several times as another potential contender in the handeld market etc. etc.
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    The Most Horrible Games Of All Time!

    Have to agree there,how could you choose Aeris over Tifa?Tifa is HOT!Plus,she's practically begging Cloud to go with her.I remember constantly choosing cloud's answers in favor of Tifa,hoping it would make any difference! I mean,me and my cousins actually cheered when Aeris died! Too bad for...
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    Pspuae 031kb

    the version you download is for 1.5 .you have to make it into a 1.0 eboot with the pspbrew app
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    Psp Emulators

    well the cool thing is it now uses psp acceleration as well,so,yeah,it's hella can chose other rendering modes as well,like only sofware and stuff.even the normal modes are faster but it still needs optimization,as it's a bit buggy here and there and sound has some random issues. and...
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    Next Gen Survey In Japan

    finty! saintdragon! to your rooms! now! and no dinner!
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    A Nice Thread All About The Psp

    god this is great,i am playing metal slug 1-2 at fullspeed,WITH sound and on fullscreen!i love my PSP!! yoyofr is great!! oh,and for anyone having trouble with this emu,read the whole tread here
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    Gizmondo Cracked?

    does that pic make the ds look like crap or what?i mean,the giz is no sexy beast either,but hell..
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    Project Ninja

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    New Psp 1.5 Hacks *single Ms*

    then you'll probably enjoy the gba emu just released for psp
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    Fullspeed Games On Psp Snes Emu

    actually,i had the same problem with sd3,then i found this french site that has loads of roms versions with more up to date translations patches,and they are all already applied.uhm,i'm not sure i can send the link here,right? oh,and fzero works fullspeed for me too
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    Psp Ghosting Woes :(

    i have noticed no ghosting problems,even with fast games like wipeout.wich games on emus are ghosted for you?i'd like to try and see
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    A Nice Thread All About The Psp

    well,i tried snes,and it works a charm.333 really helps,a bit more work and i guess it will soon be fullspeed.wich is really all i ever wanted,full speed snes on a handheld.f-zero already plays pretty much perfect,and i've been playing zelda too.this is cool
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    A Nice Thread All About The Psp

    ok,i post here so i don't start a new thread. basically,emus on psp can now be overclocked to 333 mhz.this is all experimental,and some people on psp boards are a bit freaked by this. now,since here we've been dealing with overclocking for quite some time,do you think it's quite safe to...
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    Playing Super Famicom Disk System Games

    i'm trying to play this game,otoki,it's for the nes disk system thing,and i got as far as loading the system bios as a rom in the emulator,but then it tells me there's a battery problem?can anyone help?
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    A Nice Thread All About The Psp

    beats of rage is really good,but it does take an age to load.and i mean an age.that alone,unfortunatley,puts me off playing it.otherwise it's fullspeed,looks great,blah blah
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    Best Neo Geo Cd Games

    ok people,a neo geo cd emu has just appeared for idea on the quality,but having never played it i'd like some suggestions on a solid list of good games for the system.thanks
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    Snes On Psp

    and they released the source code as well.about friggin time