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    Looking For Dreamcast Lightgun

    Hi i have a light gun what price was you thinking of. :ph34r:
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    Looking To Buy A Laptop

    Theres none on there, and those little sony things cost a fortune on there.
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    Looking To Buy A Laptop

    Well thats nice but i cant find one anywhere. :huh:
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    Looking To Buy A Laptop

    Hi im looking to buy one of those little sony laptops with the camera and that, i would like the versions above 733mhz and would perfer the 800mhz. Also if anyone has a small around 9" laptop thats about the same spec i would like to know what.
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    25 Brand New Gp32 Blus Available

    Well then is what i was after was a main board nlu or a jtag cable, rear half of a nlu, battery cover and a set of membranes. I know its a lot of stuff but you can only try. Also if you have any empty gp32 nlu boxes with instructions and that i would want them, im sure you can see what im...
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    25 Brand New Gp32 Blus Available

    Do you have many parts like the main pcb cases etc for flu/nlu.
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    Gp32 Smc Games

    How much would you want for one of each.
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    Laptop For Sale Amd 2600+

    I am selling a Packard Bell Easynote E6100, specs are: -40GB Hard Drive -AMD Sempon 2600+ (1.6GHZ) -512MB Ram (64MB Used as shared memory for the graphics card) upgraded from 256MB -15.1" LCD XGA (Brilliantly clear) -56K Modem -NEC DVD-ROM: 8x, CD-ROM: 24x (read) DVD-R/DVD+R: 8x...
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    Gp32 For Sale

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    Gp32 For Sale

    £35 all in
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    Gp32 Blu For Sale

    £40? :D gp32_console :lol:
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    Choose Your Mod :)

    Definatly squidge, hes soooo helpful
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    How Do You Remove The Back Of The Gp32 Stick?

    you pull the stick off from the front
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    For Sale: Broken Gp32 Nlu

    Ill take that
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    Nonflu Gp32 For Sale! 220+ Mhz And Extras

    ruff price for the gp32
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    For Sale: Broken Gp32 Nlu

    Thats what i thuoght i have another broken for parts but feeel thats to much
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    Recommended Case

    ahhhh nooooooo
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    Minor Hardware Issue And Already Fixed It

    allready benn done
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    Spare Gp32 Blu Lcd Screen + Extras For Sale

    there isnt a 64 mb its auto recegnition 8/32/64
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    Spare Gp32 Blu Lcd Screen + Extras For Sale

    oh i was hoping it had a normal fw im sure it would of worked im to much of a tramp to buy a jtag, making one is to diff