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  1. Nupfi

    Guide: Making Group Launchers On Xfce Desktop

    Ok, just played around a litle bit. One question though: how can I delete the folder from the desktop? :)
  2. Nupfi

    Release Effigy (PEF) emulator Frontend

    This is awesome. Looks great; touch controls work nicely! :) The only problem I had was getting the rom images to work. Every single one I tried so far keeps bumping back to the menu. :\ Rom recognition took forever; was scanning an hour or something. Not all the files show up in the...
  3. Nupfi

    My Pandora Bookmark

    More ideas: - wallpaper section - how about a linkbar on top? which lets you jump to all the different sections inside the page! - a "to top" link under each section - sections seperated by line or something - open all the links in a new window by default Thats all. :) Thank you again! Very...
  4. Nupfi

    My Pandora Bookmark

    Already set as default page in firefox on my Pandora. :) One suggestion though: Is it possible to move the "where to get software and games" to the top? Thats usually the first sites I check in order to get new stuff for the Pandora, so it would be convenient not having to scroll all the way...
  5. Nupfi

    Ubuntu Netbook Remix

    Hey all! Any news on getting Ubuntu Netbook Remix to run on the Pandora? :wub:
  6. Nupfi

    Port Request: Dropbox

    :huh: Some guys on the german boards mentioned, that it would be only a matter of porting it because of some code available somewhere...
  7. Nupfi

    Port Request: Dropbox

    Any Dropbox love? :3
  8. Nupfi

    Port Requests

    - edit - wrong thread; sorry! :3
  9. Nupfi

    Beta Corsix-Th (Open Theme Hospital Engine)

    Thank you sooo much! This is awesome! :) The only thing that I find quite a chore, is using the spacebar for rotating objects. Would it be possible to remap this key to the shoulder buttons?
  10. Nupfi

    Did Your New Pandora Have Any Hardware Defects?

    Same for me (except the dev part ^^) but was easily fixable. Just open up the Pandi and remove the remaining plastic-thingies under the button using a sharp knife or similar... Worked like a charm for me!
  11. Nupfi

    Easy Rpg

    I would love to see something like easyrpg happen on the pandora! :) Any chances?
  12. Nupfi

    Xbmc As A Alternative To Minimenu

    Would love to see this happen. :)
  13. Nupfi

    Emulator Fullscreen Non Stretch?

    Hmm... every Genesis game I've played looked top-notch so far when scaled to fit the whole screen... :huh: About the black bars: really tiny, not noticeable at all...
  14. Nupfi

    Emulator Fullscreen Non Stretch?

    So I would like to add the following: why is the current SNES "fullscreen mode" stretched, while Genesis/PicoDrive "fullscreen mode" looks so nice?
  15. Nupfi

    Remember Me?

    Wow, you really must have been through a lot! :o So glad that you are back again and kicked this cancer's ass! :) I was thinking about you a lot in the last month because of a similar story. Now get back to coding, and back to life. :) Congratulations! Best wishes!
  16. Nupfi

    Release Pushover

    Whats the control scheme / how do I play the game? The only thing I figured out was how to walk... ;) thx
  17. Nupfi

    Ballgame Hd

    Omg! Loving this one so far! Great graphics; nice gameplay! Really addicting. ;) I did find a bug though: wanted to start creating some levels with the editor, but when I tried to save my creation the game just crashed. :huh:
  18. Nupfi

    Almost There!

    lol Made me laugh. :)
  19. Nupfi

    Release Gemrb

    Omg! Widescreen mod working?! So awesome to hear that! Of course my computer has to die (curse you, RAM), so unfortunately I cant take a closer look... <_< Been wondering: how far is PST playable? Rumors say that it cant be finished at that point. :o
  20. Nupfi

    Release Gemrb

    Same thing happening here! Only difference is that I'm using the DVD version... hm strange. :) Thanks for all your efforts though! :) Will try and see if I can get it to run... very strange because the dvd version isnt seperated into different cd folders, so all the files should be in the root...