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    RT @KiremitSemra: Sevginin Yaşı da, Rengi de Kuralı da YOK.. O senin içinden gelir HİSSEDİLİR ve...

    RT @KiremitSemra: Sevginin Yaşı da, Rengi de Kuralı da YOK.. O senin içinden gelir HİSSEDİLİR ve YAŞANIR.. * Cavit ÇAĞ…
  2. K Where all begin :) Where all begin :)
  3. K Old Style Final Fantasy always the best Old Style Final Fantasy always the best
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    Caanoo... Lost Caanoo?

    exactly :D
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    Caanoo... Lost Caanoo?

    Thanks you, I was searching for that forum but honestly I forget his name ahahaha :D
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    Caanoo... Lost Caanoo?

    Some days ago I did with a micro sd of 4gb a.. downgrade of my caanoo from 1.6.1 to 1.0.6.. I really don't know why but I used to do it some time ago and It goes well without problems.. Well that time it goes very bad. Maybe I pressed too long R button when it ask me to update.. the fact is...
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    Pcsx Rearmed R17

    you're the man!!!! now i read this and the gbsp!! you are amazing!  :)
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    Gpsp (Re)Port

    oooohhh, finally!!! thanks you NOTAZ! i have to build you a monument!! :D you're a great coder!!  :D  :D
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    Jump To Moon

    yeah, will be cool to see an update of this game :D
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    Paper Wars

    don't forget this game, please, there are soo much potentiality inside it, there are so many fun ideas inside, please don't drop to the hell this game :DD
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    sooo, i see this right now, there are updates :)))
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    Aaaa - Extension #1

    here we go,0,0,0,26,832
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    Speed Of Aaaa

    well, i find it already good in esecution, why you wantit more quick? and as Don miguel spoke, you can disable film grain option in the options menu :)
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    New Version Pcsx4All 2.3 & Mame4All 2.7

    this is a really good thing :DD but what are the different comparing this and pcsx rearmed by notaz?
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    Paper Wars

    yah, for upload something on the apple store you have to pay from 20 to 30 dollars, i think :/ (on android too, but lower)
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    [Caanoo/wiz] Pcsx Rearmed R14

    WHAT A beautiful news Notaz! incredible! thanks you, i jump in caanoo section and i see this, thx again! ;)
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    Sparrow3D - Multi Platform Game Engine

    Really a good work, Ziz, really good work ;) i like the thing that is SDL only based ;)
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    Quake 1/2

    goood! thanks you if you can improve quake 2 ;)
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    [Caanoo/wiz] Pcsx Rearmed R12

    YOU'RE A WIZARD! smakkete! :D :D thanks