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  1. Aninhumer

    Cases cleared for further transport (2010-10-04)

    Depends how you define "spelled correctly". It's an unofficial contraction, so it's unlikely to be in any dictionaries. However it agrees with the rules for apostrophes, so you're fine. </linguistics nerd>
  2. Aninhumer

    Wine Now Supports Arm!

    Well WINE for x86 supports DirectX calls, so if there's a complete port there's no reason it couldn't? Not sure how complete it is yet though.
  3. Aninhumer

    And so they double... (2010-09-30)

    It doesn't seem that bad when you consider they expected to get 3000 out, 6 months (?) after the original pre-ordering, and presumably more shortly after. And they couldn't exactly turn around later and say: "Hey you who ordered 10 over a year ago can't have them anymore."
  4. Aninhumer


    Downloading and using a dedicated reader is likely to give better results than webreaders. I use Comix on my laptop, although I imagine it will be less legible on a lower resolution screen. Although it does have a magnifier that could be quite useful.
  5. Aninhumer

    3DS vs Pandora: Which is win?

    Why not? You don't have to generate a 3D image in the 3DS. If you just send the same image to each eye you'll get a 2D picture, which is fine for emulating 2D games. Much more of an issue is the fact that 3DS is going to have stronger anti-piracy measures than ever, which makes running...
  6. Aninhumer

    Python hardware support

    I believe Pygame is mostly a wrapper around SDL, so as soon as someone accelerates SDL that will carry over to Pygame. And I have no doubt that SDL will be improved at some point, there's just a lack of devs with hardware at the moment.
  7. Aninhumer

    Portability of Ren'Py

    Anything written in pure Python would not even require porting, but I think some of it is written in C. I'd imagine it's still pretty portable though.
  8. Aninhumer

    The 1ghz overclock

    Is that 5 years running time or 5 years of average usage? I rather doubt many people would use their Pandora for much more than 8hours per day on average, if that, (unless they're running a server or something crazy), so that would become 15 years at least. Also you're unlikely to be running...
  9. Aninhumer

    My Soul Went Up A Level Today. Nevar doubt Exophase! :P
  10. Aninhumer

    SD Cards and speed

    How about just: time dd if=/dev/zero of=test.file count=1 bs=512 ? Not entirely fair, but should give you an idea about latency? Wouldn't that be micro seconds? ;)
  11. Aninhumer

    Minimenu -- Likes And Dislikes? Requests?

    How about having a secondary category (not just the subcategory) in the PND? One for keeping with the FreeDesktop standards, and one that follows the categories we'd be used to on the GP2X etc.? We could even allow a setting to use the alt category for system menus. Alternatively just break the...
  12. Aninhumer

    Gog - Good Old Games - Dead! :(

    skeezix has a site? and it's shutting down? :o Looks like it's working already!
  13. Aninhumer

    Pandora Pandora Font

    Looks like the kerning needs some work, and some of the line widths are a little uneven (especially the V). Not that I could do any better myself, great work so far everyone! :)
  14. Aninhumer

    Is porting really that easy?

    From a cursory glance at the site, it certainly looks possible to port. The code should be reasonably portable if there are Windows and Linux versions. It could still make some hardware assumptions, but given the low complexity of the app I expect they would be fixable. It does say it...
  15. Aninhumer

    Wonder if pandora can have phone capability

    There are various TV tuners that work with Linux (see MythTV resources for lists) They should work fine on the Pandora.
  16. Aninhumer

    Emulators Optimization

    They're just disk images: mount, copy data, edit, make new image. mksquashfs is pretty easy to use.
  17. Aninhumer

    How to install JAVA to browse with?

    I don't see why you couldn't mount it? It's not a very good idea to mount key system files on removable media, but you could do it.
  18. Aninhumer

    Several Questions...

    Don't forget there are different codecs here. And even h264 has different profiles. I think there have been demonstrations of the hardware handling 1080p encoded with h264 baseline profile. But most sources of 1080p video are almost certainly encoded with high profile, and I doubt that's ever...
  19. Aninhumer

    Pandora Pandora Font

    That's what I was going for, although I think it needs to be slightly wider because it's diagonal. I don't think it's that far away from the style if it's rounded enough. I'd need to see it in context, but I think a slightly off style character is better than one you can't read.
  20. Aninhumer

    Pandora Pandora Font

    What's wrong with something like this? I messed up the edges getting rid of some artifacts but you get the idea.