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  1. elvissteinjr

    Beauty competition.

    I could imagine that it's beneficial to not coat the moving parts (nubs, shoulder buttons) to not make them thicker. It'd also look cooler, but that's just me. What throws me off is that in the video the nubs are grey. Probably from a test run, but what is the plastic color before coating gonna...
  2. elvissteinjr

    Open Pandora - 10th Year Anniversary

    I received mine in February 2011 so it's still a little bit for that one to become 10 years old. Overall wonderful solid device, but I'd be lying if I said I was using it tons these days. Still runs super fine, though. I've made quite some memories with the device and the people surrounding it...
  3. elvissteinjr

    Beauty competition.

    Both are nice, but the dark chrome one looks more interesting, especially with the DPAD and nubs being darker (and the keyboard, though not really well visible in that lighting), creating a slight contrast.
  4. elvissteinjr

    Release DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    Retroarch is available for Android. Well, I already own it for Android anyways. I don't even use that version, but the money was still well spent.
  5. elvissteinjr

    Future of the CPU board?

    What is the current state of blobs on the OMAP5 Pyra anyways? SGX, sure. Apparently for Wifi, but firmware, not driver (that's from a 2014 news post though, so dunno if that's current at all). Pyra repo has the SGX blob in clear sight, but no idea if others aren't hiding somewhere as well. The...
  6. elvissteinjr

    Future of the CPU board?

    Honestly? That sounds like a lot of headaches and effort for next to no gain. I just don't see many existing users switching and if the difference is barely there, it wouldn't really get us many additional either. If OMAP5's EoL is imminent, I suppose it's the next best step, but otherwise? I...
  7. elvissteinjr

    Are you missing Lightguns ?

    Not really. Point and shoot activities like that have moved into VR for me. And with EmuVR you can even bring the classic lightgun experiences into your virtual 80s/90s bedroom. Guess no local multiplayer experience that way, but that doesn't bother me really. Well, in theory you could still use...
  8. elvissteinjr

    Is the PyraOS going to have systemd-homed?

    Can somebody explain me how cryptographically signed JSON records and home directories as encrypted containers are a valid response to "This is inefficient, and Poettering has decided to make a drastic change."? It's the author's words, sure, but even that aside, none of this strikes me as...
  9. elvissteinjr

    No Gamescom for Pyra this year

    I kind of expected this to happen, but it's quite the shame. After 5 years in a row of helping out it's been kind of the regular thing to look forward to every year. Ah well, maybe 2021. With my own Pyra by that time, fairly certain on that one.
  10. elvissteinjr

    Astro Slide - By Planet computers

    The sliding mechanism of that prototype doesn't really convince me. Looks janky. Guess they have a year to improve that. Still, not really a fan of their kind of keyboard for hand-held use. Not exactly in need of a keyboard slider right now anyways, but good that more are getting made again.
  11. elvissteinjr

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Yeah. As opposed to PSVR, standalone VR (Oculus Quest (this one can be connected to a PC too though), Vive Focus) or smartphone VR (Google killed off Daydream, so I don't even know if there's much left here). I personally think the PCVR space is most interesting since it's an open platform. PSVR...
  12. elvissteinjr

    Half-Life: Alyx

    In practice, for the PCVR space you're looking at SteamVR games and Oculus runtime games. Every relevant PCVR headset can be used with SteamVR one way or the other. HTC Vive/Vive Pro (but not Cosmos), Valve Index are supported directly by Valve, WMR (Windows Mixed Reality) through SteamVR...
  13. elvissteinjr

    Half-Life: Alyx

    The Half-Life: Alyx website is actually pretty detailed about what works with the game. At the end of the day, that is every SteamVR supported headset as long as it has tracked motion controllers of some kind. In regards what you should buy... I'll have to say I'm kinda biased. I have a Valve...
  14. elvissteinjr

    8bitdo gamepads Xbox360 compatibility on Windows

    Steam Input should also work when you add the games in question as a non-Steam game, I think. I tend to not use it in general though as it can get in the way of applications trying to access the DirectInput gamepad when you have it set up. Probably not an issue for most people, though.
  15. elvissteinjr

    8bitdo gamepads Xbox360 compatibility on Windows

    There are software solutions to make DirectInput gamepads be recognized as Xbox 360 ones. If you don't mind using Steam for that, Steam Input should handle it if you set up your controller for Big Picture mode. Otherwise, I tend to use XOutput if I need it. X360CE also exists, but doesn't work...
  16. elvissteinjr

    Are you interested in a new Pandora LCD cable?

    The poll seems to reflect some interested in the cables, which is nice, but I'd honestly suggest to vote with the wallet and have a cable pre-order set up. Yeah, Pandora part production and pre-orders, huh? I doubt HNS would like to sit on unsold cables either if half the people don't follow...
  17. elvissteinjr

    F(x)tec Pro¹ - Slider Smartphone with physical keyboard

    It happened, 866 days after I've backed the Moto Mod, there's finally some sort of product on the way to me. FedEx says Friday. Hope they're better here than their reputation in the US. be fair, still faster than the Pyra (1557 as of now), but I knew what I was getting myself into on that...
  18. elvissteinjr

    Improved promotional media

    If you want to see photos of Pyras or the evolution of it, check out the Gamescom threads where many posted the photos they took. Taking new promotional photos with prototype parts make no sense.
  19. elvissteinjr

    Preparing for a Prototype

    There's no hardware accelerated decoding on Linux in web browsers anyways. At least not in official builds. You'll be better off passing those videos to mpv or something. Still needs one of the GPU decoding APIs to be implemented for OMAP5, though.
  20. elvissteinjr

    What’s your Ordernumber?? for New Orderers, or new Owners (in 2 Months TM)

    Seems very likely, unless some bits flipped randomly. Yes. I posted a photo of my numbered board before, but I'm to lazy to dig that up right now.