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  1. Polossatik

    Release Hotfix 6 Final released!

    same wifi problem, done the update trough the pnd method on my SD card hotfix 5 install Sd install was rather stock hotfix 5, no customizations or hacks, only few pnd's on board. now no wifi anymore, if i boot from the hotfix 5 on my nand all fine.
  2. Polossatik

    $1 Pandora.

    I'm official utterly dissapointed :) I hoped for a real metal casing when seeing "metal pandora" title on the stalker list :)
  3. Polossatik

    iControlPad For Sale On Ebay!

    Why then not become the/an official retailer?
  4. Polossatik

    TV Cable ETA?

    so who's first to mod one a little serial driven lcd in the back of the screen lid for twitter/email notifications? :)
  5. Polossatik

    USB not working?

    I have this non powered usb hub ( see ) works fine with pandora , haven't seen any usb thing (besides HDD who draws to much current) that does not work if this is put inbetween
  6. Polossatik

    Left Nub

    had the same issue, my left nub was "pushed down" by the case (looks like the case nub hole was had some plastic leftovers). Easy to spot by comparing with th right nub. I simply pushed gently the case around the nub and it did make a "snap" sound and the case got in place , since then the nub...
  7. Polossatik

    Library questions

    Any idea if any of the existing stuff like Simple for android , Commodore BASIC as a Scripting Language or FreeBasic could be used / (easely) adapted for this? edit: nice list of Basic Interpreters and Compilers which have full Source Code available
  8. Polossatik

    Release PNDstore

    more suggestion: * indicate the size of the pnd * add the short description in a line below the title of the pnd but in any case: Thank you! very usefull
  9. Polossatik

    unable to shutdown in hotfix 5

    thank you, that's it. I knew it was something silly !
  10. Polossatik

    unable to shutdown in hotfix 5

    Hello, just got my pandora from Ed, had Hotfix 5 RC1 on it, so I applied hotfix 5 However if I choose shutdown in XFCE the pandora reboots, I know I've seen it passing in the forums but anyone knows where or knows what is causing this? Can't find it.
  11. Polossatik

    New cables, more boards (2011-04-15)

    Ed, Are the new cable being used now for every new pandora build or will the old be used until they are all "used up"?
  12. Polossatik

    Computer/electronics names!

    I have six devices (few PC's/nas/media streamer etc) on my network and they are named to the Seven trappist breweries Achel, Orval, Rochefort, Chimay, Westmalle and LaTrappe Westvleteren is reserved for my pandora As it happens I have also all those beers in house :)
  13. Polossatik

    I Thought More Shipments Of Pandoras Was Going Happen More Often....

    so mine is waiting for the AC? yippie. Cheers Ed!
  14. Polossatik

    Your pandora has been shipped

    Ed's Q is not finished at all I can assure you seen I still don't have my panda (day 2 order). AFAIK Ed had about 1/4 of the orders and get's 1/4 of the parts... seams fair to me, no?
  15. Polossatik

    sd card problem

    did you copied data from slot 1 to slot 2? I doubt this is already fixed, and it might corrupt files .
  16. Polossatik

    A schedule! For real! (2011 - 02 - 28)

    so with the ones you have (50) and the part of the batch from Craig that is coming (70) you get up to around 2760 (this week) / 2830 (next week / 14 day') (give or take a few other non-pandora orders / cancellations etc) Nice, I start to like my 2789 a lot better now, there is a small light at...
  17. Polossatik

    Your pandora has been shipped

    lovely, so Oct 1st orders in the DE shop may hope to get them from the next batch send from Craig to you? 2 Months ® becoming slowly closer to 2 Weeks ®
  18. Polossatik

    A review of the Pandora's sound and music capability.

    they are not "plug ins" but personally I really really like my Koss PortaPro.. they look like straight out of Miami vice but sounds very nice. the KossPorta Pro can be folded up - does not take much place
  19. Polossatik


    another little throw of 5 Euro's...
  20. Polossatik

    Will the Pandora become Open?

    I've asked this in the past and Mweston promised to provide (within reason) assistance to anyone interfacing with the hardware and the hackers manual does not cut it. With the hackers manual there is as such not a real advantage *now* to have the full schematics (or PCB layout) as long as...