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  1. CommanderB

    Are you interested in a new Pandora LCD cable?

    Awesome! I am looking forward to the cables
  2. CommanderB

    Micro Pyra news from the.. dragons mouth

    I think that the 64 bit OS would have many more benefits in terms of compatibility. E.g. flathub does not provide ARM 32 bit images any more and also docker images with 32 bits are getting more rare. Using a Rockchip might lead to some synergies with the Pine64 community that does usually...
  3. CommanderB


    Hi Nikolaus! I have re-run the test with a rebirth console and two different SD-Cards (Micro SD with 64 GB and an old 32 GB SD ) and get the same results :( ## Executing script at 82000000 after trying makesd Can I provide more information for debugging? Shall I upload the Zipped SD-Card...
  4. CommanderB

    Are you interested in a new Pandora LCD cable?

    Hi all! Any news on the development? Btw. @hns the donate button on the letux site does not work any longer. BR
  5. CommanderB

    Glueing the Pandora Case - Tips and Hints?

    Hi all! Like many Pandoras that have passed their 10th anniversary, the case of my silver 1 GHz variant is slowly showing stress cracks. Do you have any experience on how to fix these? What works best? Super glue, special plastic glue, like Uhu example ? What material is the Pandora case made...
  6. CommanderB

    What are your favourite handhelds?

    Gaming-wise my favorite handheld is obviously the Pandora. I really like the open OS and the great controls Non-gaming handheld wise my favorite handheld is the Sharp Zaurus. It is really sturdy (Much sturdier case than the pandora, although it is more mechanically complex!) and it has tons of...
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    I did ./makesd pandora -r xfce4 (So the default 5.4 Letux Kernel) I have the Gigahertz Pandora but I can try newer Kernels, or other SD Cards
  8. CommanderB


    I am stuck with ## Executing script at 82000000 after trying makesd Is the SD card probably not compatible?
  9. CommanderB

    A short-trip to Greece

    Thanks for the update Will it be possible for the early adaptors to obtain the new case in the dragonbox shop later?
  10. CommanderB

    Port Requests

    Thanks for the great GTA port @ptitSeb! Do you think that OpenMW is now feasible on the Pyra?
  11. CommanderB

    Cracked Case; Wasn't expecting it so soon.

    I just checked my case and unfortunately I have a crack at exactly the same location, too :( Maybe it is an error in the first case production run?
  12. CommanderB

    GPD WIN 3

    But imagine, how many "when is it finally finished", "this project is a scam", "The Pyra's 3D acceleration is broken! I want my money back!" users we would get in our community
  13. CommanderB

    Pyra mobile broadband performance

    Ah, which chapter is it? I made some further tests: With Telefonica, I can get a connection inside at some locations. It's definitely much more location dependent than orientation dependent. Inside, I get about 1 Mbps at most. Outside I often (But not always!) get a reliable connection...
  14. CommanderB

    Pyra mobile broadband performance

    Thanks a lot for the interesting detailed explanation! What I love about the boards is that you can always learn technical details from the experts here. Speaking hypothetically, would it have been possible to place two antennas in the sides of the bottom part of the case and connect these...
  15. CommanderB

    Pyra mobile broadband performance

    Yes, you can look the location/CID mapping in various databases, e.g. There are multiple apps for Android, like "Network Cell Info", or you can just dial *#*#4636#*#* and read the necessary values.
  16. CommanderB

    Pyra mobile broadband performance

    I think that the problem is fixable, but we need more investigations. Due to countless carrier/bands combinations there might be some incompatibilities and @EvilDragon is not able to test all of these. So, if we could run some tests using speedtest-cli and post our results including the...
  17. CommanderB

    Pyra mobile broadband performance

    Hmm, 60% in LOS is really bad. I will try to locate my nearest cell tower via CID code and test the Pyra's reception close to it. The Librem5 is using the same modem as Pyra and they had radio issues in their first batch, too: A reddit post criticises...
  18. CommanderB

    Pyra mobile broadband performance

    Hi! Finally my long-awaited mobile edition Pyra arrived and I am totally excited about the device. However, I am experiencing heavy mobile radio reception issues: The reception is extremely location-dependent: On one side of my work-desk I get about 60% RSSI and LTE reception and on the other...
  19. CommanderB

    The Communication Cube

    I have read the recent liliputing article and there are for sure a lot of FUD comments around :( I think that we need to present the advantages of the Pyra better (Actually NOT so...
  20. CommanderB

    First information for new Pyra owners (FAQ)

    For SDL 1.2 some NEON patches exist (comparable to what Notaz did for Pandora's SDL mod) Tiler would be of course a far better solution, but wouldn't it worth a try to just cherry-pick the 1.2 version of the patch and build using...