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  1. brun0ls

    Some GamesCom Retro-Area pictures

    I don't think so since Dolphin (GC emu) for Android is not full speed even on Tegra K1.
  2. brun0ls

    Rant: I hate ASUS!!!!

    I have seen many Asus motherboards dying, because of this I think the most reliable motherboard is Gigabyte.
  3. brun0ls

    Introduce yourself

    Once a month I reboot it, it used to be more frequent and I think the lack of grounding was the problem! I used to have more consoles but emulation and space saving convinced me to sell some. Thanks!! Sure it will :D
  4. brun0ls

    Introduce yourself

    Hello there! My name is Bruno, I was born and raised in my current city, Balneário Camboriú (Santa Catarina, Brasil). I'm totally noob about coding, I can do just very simple things, but I like to play with Linux and everything related to it, Linux is sexy! I love modding consoles, be it...