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  1. sinoth

    Looking for a space game made by a member of the old forums

    Sorry this is such a vague request, but I am going mad trying to find a game that was in development for the Pandora waaay before they were actually released. I remember posting about it before the move to this forum, so it's hard to find info. You could play it on your PC, and the game grid...
  2. sinoth

    Program to test for faulty nubs?

    I've never been super satisfied with how my nubs work, and it'd be nice if there were some program to test nub functionality to make sure everything is sane with the firmware. To be more specific, my nubs do work... I can move the mouse around, click with them, etc. However, trying to use...
  3. sinoth

    UTF-8 in terminal

    Ugh, I apologize for the double post but this is driving me bonkers. I installed a new telnet binary (that supports -8 binary mode) and I've even tried other terminals (rxvt, xterm) and none of them will display UTF8 correctly. A lot of the fixes I find from google talk about changing locale...
  4. sinoth

    UTF-8 in terminal

    Nice tip Letalis, but I can't figure out how to get the Pandora telnet client to use binary mode. It appears the normal flag to pass is -8 but our client has no such flag :/ I assume this is because it's using the simplified BusyBox telnet. Guess I will try to get a 'real' telnet binary...
  5. sinoth

    Warning: don't leave your Pandora plugged in for too long

    Just to let you know how other devices handle this, my Android phone will vibrate and bring up a huge CHARGING DONE, PLEASE REMOVE CHARGER alert. The Pandora could probably use something similar, cause not everyone is gonna comb over the manual looking for battery 'best practices'.
  6. sinoth

    UTF-8 in terminal

    I've been trying to use telnet with an application that uses UTF-8 and I can't seem to get it to display properly. I can't seem to find any settings in xfce terminal to change encoding... anyone have tips for enabling proper UTF-8 in a term?
  7. sinoth

    Pandora Should Move To Android

    Not sure why people think Android will make these issues go away. Just because Google does work on the main OS doesn't mean the grunts (us!) won't get stuck plugging all the holes for our platform. Hell, Android still doesn't run on my phone without serious issues, and it has a SuperMegaCorp...
  8. sinoth

    The 256X256X256 Thread

    It's so beautiful *single tear* That ship definitely deserves a game. Could you do a handful of asteroids, and possibly a UFO? At the very least we could get a wicked asteroids clone running with those.
  9. sinoth

    Pandora Code::blocks On The Pandora

    I just tried and for some reason my SD card is mounting as root.root, meaning the normal user can't write files to it (it is formatted FAT32). C::B is running as normal user so I can't touch the card. Maybe you are having this problem too? I can write to home just fine, which is on NAND but I...
  10. sinoth

    Pandora Code::blocks On The Pandora

    Sorry I took so long! Ran into a lot of minor stuff learning this cross-compiling business. Was quite the learning experience xD I've updated the first post with the download link.
  11. sinoth

    Pandora Code::blocks On The Pandora

    Working on it now guys :) Currently trying to get a cross-compile setup going in Windows using CodeSourcery. Previously I had the dev environment in a Linux virtual machine but I'd rather have the speed of native compilation if possible.
  12. sinoth

    Using An Sd Card As Swap Space

    I was compiling on the Pandora and g++ kept crashing on one file... I finally figured out it was because I was running out of RAM! To remedy this, I found an old 256 meg SD card lying around and formatted it to be used as Linux swap space. This means it is an extension of the Pandora's...
  13. sinoth

    Up-To-Date Firmware Tarball

    Yep! Rename 'boot.txt' to 'autoboot.txt' Yes, and its just one of those muscle memory things I've learned over the years... usually I use -xvjpf, which is: x - extract v - verbose (show files as they are extracted) j - used if the file is a tar.bz2 (use 'z' if it is a tar.gz) p - preserve file...
  14. sinoth

    Opkg Upgrade

    I did it once, without realizing just how much it was going to upgrade... I let it go for 4 hours or so before just stopping and reflashing. If anyone leaves it on long enough to complete, I'd like to hear how it turns out :) I'm an update freak on my desktop, so resisting the urge to upgrade...
  15. sinoth

    Up-To-Date Firmware Tarball

    Sorry to hear that :( Works fine here... what command did you use to extract to the SD card? Maybe some of the permissions are wrong or something... I used "tar -xjpf".
  16. sinoth

    I've Canceled

    Seriously? Ok, look. You have two choices: Shut up and wait Cancel your order Pick one and stick to it.
  17. sinoth

    Up-To-Date Firmware Tarball

    Finally got the OS compiled and booting from SD! Here is the .tar.bz2 of Zaxxon (fresh, no hotfixes and still has initial boot wizard): (NOTE: I have tested this briefly and it seems to be working okay, but this is in NO WAY OFFICIAL! There may be things broken I haven't tested yet. YMMV.)...
  18. sinoth

    Up-To-Date Firmware Tarball

    +1 I tried doing a "cp -a / /media/mmcblk0p1" but apparently that doesn't work as expected. I'm getting an error on boot: “hwclock: can’t open ‘/dev/misc/rtc’: No such file or directory” A fresh archive of the firmware would be nice :)
  19. sinoth

    Pandora Code::blocks On The Pandora

    I'm curious, what do you like better about CodeLite? I tried it and it seemed very similar to C::B, so similar I didn't see a lot of reason in switching. IIRC the biggest difference was CodeLite having superior code completion, but it may have other pro's by now as it seems to be in very...
  20. sinoth

    Best Video Transcoding Settings For Pandora

    Thanks all, I had no idea h.264 was that intensive. Switched to ffmpeg-encoded MPEG4 and it works beautifully. This screen is so good T_T