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  1. jonezy1984

    Pyra vs GPD WIN

    Hi guys, Although there’s no comparison, i’m torn between buying one of these units. Sadly, my understanding of Linux in general is quite limited, so any input or advice is much appreciated. In short I’m looking for a handheld device that I could use for the following: - Text processing -...
  2. jonezy1984

    Not everything is as fast as planned

    I haven't signed in for the pre-order or the prototypes. But i wouldn't mind paying for my unit full up in advance before the first mass production run starts  :) As soon as a price can be determined i'll gladly pay in advance , or... "shut up & take my money"
  3. jonezy1984

    Howdy guys - noob questions about gaming/apps/audio-editing

    Thanx for the response guys :)   About using the Pyra for audio purposes, i just wonder if it could be used to run a DAW or softsynth & then MIDI-chain it with other devices. Already imagining using the Pyra in a setup with an octatrack :D
  4. jonezy1984

    Howdy guys - noob questions about gaming/apps/audio-editing

    Howdy guys, i've been a long time enthousiast of handheld retro gaming & supporter of Dragonboxshop & I used to own a Gp2x Wiz & a GPH Caanoo. Sadly almost three years ago my apartment got  burglarised & they stole these marvelous machines amongst other things. At that time...
  5. jonezy1984

    So Long My Friends

    Well that's a great idea :D I have renters insurance, and i think it has more or less the same conditions as in the US. Only difference i think is that you got to have receipts for everything stolen (or burned :( ) And the receipts where in the box(es) the burglars took :angry: But...
  6. jonezy1984

    So Long My Friends

    Thanx, but i seriously doubt it, the cops in Belgium (where i live) are amongst the laziest of all european countries. so i'm not counting on it. I have to stop living in the past, anywayz. The thing is that a Wiz is really hard to find these days (especially in Belgium). I'd like to ask...
  7. jonezy1984

    So Long My Friends

    Well, about two years ago i bought a Wiz from Evildragon's shop, fantastic little device! I mainly bought it because my dingoo A330 literally fell to pieces after week (from a height of three inches? great quality). After the Wiz i wanted more, so i bought a Caanoo, the joystick wasn't an...
  8. jonezy1984

    Prboom With Picklelauncher For Caanoo

    Strange? I've gotten most conversions to work (like Half-life & Golden Eye mod) But, when starting up some mods they always send me back to Picklelauncher. Especially, Doom 64 & Blood. Does anybody know what i'm doing wrong? i'd really like to be able to play blood, it's a great TC. Cudos,
  9. jonezy1984

    [Caanoo/wiz] Pcsx Rearmed R14

    I've had the same problem with some US/EU games (example: Diablo, Space Hulk,...). The games start up, and the intro/demo plays fine, but pressing buttons doesn't do a thing. I can't exactly say how i solved this problem, cause i don't know what caused the problem in the first place. - try...
  10. jonezy1984

    Port Warzone 2100

    Actually, the ps1 version runs really smooth using pcsx rearmed. only downside, no skirmish-mode :( I suppose it was the same in the original
  11. jonezy1984

    [Caanoo/wiz] Pcsx Rearmed R14

    I already checked and Pcsx Rearmed can handle a lot of japanese games. Games i tested (that work) : Front mission 2, Gamera 2000, Assault Suits Valken 2, Macross VF-X2, AubirdForce After... In some cases it's necessary to use the SCPH7001.bin Bios... Hope this'll get you started, and please...
  12. jonezy1984

    Yamagi Quake2 Opengl-Es [Caanoo And Wiz]

    Great! I've noticed significant emulation drops when there are a lot of enemies. On a positive note: the texture quality is way better than any previous port (comparing to Ioquake2 for Wiz) Is there any way to optimize performance tweaking the options menu? changing to a smaller frame and...
  13. jonezy1984

    Help With Ginge

    I'm sorry that it took me so long to figure out. But i just got Star Control II working through Ginge. U need this version:,0,0,0,29,2390 It's Senor Quack's release for the Gp2x. Have fun.
  14. jonezy1984

    Phoneme-Sdl For Caanoo

    Great! :D Nice work Scachi I've been wanting to play Starcraft Ghost (which is the closest thing to playing Starcraft on the Caanoo)
  15. jonezy1984

    Pcsx Rearmed R11

    Hi guys, I just had my Caanoo for 2 days now & absolutely love it! :D I was looking for a replacement since my Wiz gave up on me about a month ago. Anyway, i wanted to point out a very interesting psx port that i wasn't aware of untill a few months ago. hidden-palace Here you can get a...
  16. jonezy1984

    Wiz For $50

    Doesn't matter anyway, taxes from USA to continental Europe are outrageous. So guys, i wish you all the best of luck
  17. jonezy1984

    Wiz For $50

    Only one available?
  18. jonezy1984

    Pcsxrearmed Now For Wiz!

    I was able to get baldur's gate to work! it's playable now use these settings: HLE + under {advanced} settings: disable dynarec OFF enjoy!
  19. jonezy1984

    Pcsxrearmed Now For Wiz!

    pscx rearmed is amazing! Things i've tested so far, that work better than playing with Pscx4all 2.2: 1) games that crash at start up or intro now work (ex: alien resurrection, metal gear solid, wipeout 3 special edition,...) 2) games that crash at cut-scene or in-game, are now stable (ex...