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  1. palmertech

    Is there ever going to be a TV-Out cable?

    I have been away for a while, and I was unable to find the answer after searching for a few minutes. What is the current status of the OP TV-Out cables? I ordered one along with my Pandora all those years ago, and while I am in no hurry, I want to know if I am ever going to see it. If not...
  2. palmertech

    Erm, what?

    Two months? I am in the exact same condition. Ordered my Pandora years ago, and still no TV-Out cable. What makes this worse is that back before the Pandora launched, I made a thread on GP32X asking how much the TV-Out cable would cost. Craigix himself then said that it would be included...
  3. palmertech

    This Is Just Sad.

    I was mostly speaking in reference to the shenanigans that Craigix has pulled in the past. Claiming he had given up his moderator powers, then secretly banning users. Deleting topics made by people who spoke out against him, cancelling the pre-order of a guy who said he was pissed at Craigix...
  4. palmertech

    This Is Just Sad.

    I have been a GP32X fan for a long time. I remember when the GP2X was announced, buying it right after launch, and excitedly waiting for new releases. This was before "app store" style environments, and having such a library of homebrew on a handheld was awesome! Wow! I remember the...
  5. palmertech

    Steam on Pandora?

    orly I think it is more than a little bit likely, especially as new smartphones come out with gaming controls like the Xperia Play.
  6. palmertech

    OP was always fair about that, but certain individual members seemed to have no problems with calling out entire races. The worst I ever saw from the OP team were statements like "Well, that is just standard Chinese business practice", which is perfectly true.
  7. palmertech

    TV out cable

    I remember years ago, when the TV-Out cable was supposed to be included with the Pandora, according to Craigix. Still waiting for mine, hopefully I get it sometime in the next year, but it looks like we might have a shot of getting one in the next two months!
  8. palmertech

    Are threads disappearing from the forums?

    Actually, they do have official boards. They do not delete threads about defects in their products, either.
  9. palmertech

    Looking For Partners To Finish My Tablet

    DaveC is right. 3D is a great idea for a tablet. It is not R&D intensive. Read this whole thread: He is doing a film with great results near the end, using nothing but commercial printers and transparency slides that cost pennies...
  10. palmertech

    Higher Rez (Or Bigger) Screen

    I have a really nice 5.6" 1280x800 LCD panel sitting right in front of me cloning the display from this laptop (Working on a head mounted display prototype). Driving it via DVI through an LVDS encoder, it looks absolutely amazing. When you cram a tons of pixels into a display this small, you...
  11. palmertech

    White Pandora On Ebay!

    Bo can fix it, have faith in him. ;)
  12. palmertech

    White Pandora On Ebay!

    People keep PMing me to ask if this is mine. It is not. :lol: It belongs to a member/friend on my modding forum, I would say who it is, but I do not want to embarrass him. :P That eBay account was mine until about two years ago, I quit eBay when they raised seller fees...
  13. palmertech

    White Pandora On Ebay!

    Huh. Fancy that, a white Pandora! Must have been a cunning devil to be willing to tear open his Pandora the day he got it, just to give it a paint job! ;)
  14. palmertech

    Got An Xbox 360? Hate The Crappy D-Pad?

    I got one of these about 6 months ago, been using it exactly like this. :) The drums are velocity sensitive, it uses varying resistance values depending on the strength of the hit. It is actually a pretty nice pad! There are better options for PC use, though.
  15. palmertech

    7 Dead Nub Units To Go

    Depends on the price, for a low enough one, would be fun to pick up, perhaps.
  16. palmertech

    The One Nub Club

    Just got mine! I went into settings, "reset nub"... Works fine now! :D
  17. palmertech

    Skip The Queue

    Oh boy! Got an email, mine ships out tomorrow! :)
  18. palmertech

    Skip The Queue

    I PM'd craigix, was told to email them with order details, did that... Are there still unspoken for units? I sure hope I am not out of the running! Just waiting to hear back. :)
  19. palmertech

    Portable Dreamcast

    The first one has been analyzed to death on my portable console modding forum, ModRetro ( That first one has no batteries, and the console is no built into it. It is basically a DVD player screen with a controller built in, plugged into a dreamcast. Cool, but not portable. :(
  20. palmertech

    New Blog Post!

    I want no paint. Like, I seriously want no paint. I am painting my pandora myself, I do not want the extra step of sanding off questionable quality paint. :P