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  1. telegramguy

    Htc Thunderbolt Gps Tracking On A Plane

    Ah... real GPS and not AGPS.
  2. telegramguy

    Apple Ipad 2

    I got a Pandora last year and intended to make an ass load of random videos about it but I never did much other than powering it on a few times. I have just given it back to one of the guys at TI that supplied parts to Craig and friends. I haven't really been following the Pandora sales much...
  3. telegramguy

    Running Imame4All With The Icade

    Based on Franxis's gp2x and wiz mame, this is a version of iOS's mame that supports the new iCade arcade controller. A little pricy but the build quality is better IMO than the xarcade controller.
  4. telegramguy

    I Got My Pandora

    Hooray! I got my first batch Pandora! ...well except it's not really mine. :-) I'm Borrowing it for a while to see how well emulators play compared to the GP2X. I haven't really paid to much attention to the Pandora until it was recently released... and even more recently that it's sitting...
  5. telegramguy

    Some Ipad Games

    If only the iPad had a constant video-out like the gp2x, the videos would be clearer
  6. telegramguy

    Ipad Vs Gp2X And Other Handhelds

    Yeah, I never thought too much about the size of some of these other devices until you get used to the iPad and then the other stuff just seems strangely large. The lack of tactile controls doesn't give you the twitch reflexes you need for some of the 80's and 90's games. Although tower...
  7. telegramguy

    Ipad Vs Gp2X And Other Handhelds

    I wish I had a Wiz or Pandora...
  8. telegramguy

    Engagdet Crushes The Joojoo Tablet

    Yeah. Maybe some description to the folks at Wired.
  9. telegramguy

    Engagdet Crushes The Joojoo Tablet I plan to buy the 3G version of the iPad after having played w/ a coworker's wifi only version. The lack of SD card support really chaps me. Which is a bonus with the Pandora's dual SD slots when the 2nd batch eventually makes itself...
  10. telegramguy

    Engagdet Crushes The Joojoo Tablet

    Because sometimes, you'd gladly trade a longer list of features for something that does fewer things very well. users tend to like the former. Nothing wrong with that. Just don't assume everyone else on the planet thinks like us. Besides, I still have a clocks around the house that...
  11. telegramguy

    Retrocade Lives! Holy Shit! Anyone Remember Mid-90S Emulation?

    Some douche still has the domain name. is authorized by the domain owner to facilitate the sale of this domain. Registrant RETROCADE.COM c/o Nameview Inc. Whois IDentity Shield PO Box 152 Britton's Hill St. Michael, Barbados...
  12. telegramguy

    Fake Copier/printer "upgrade" Templates

    Trying to think of a way of doing it without tipping off the mark.
  13. telegramguy

    Fake Copier/printer "upgrade" Templates I am so doing this.
  14. telegramguy

    Look In The Mirror

    It'd stopped being your language quite some time ago. :-)
  15. telegramguy

    Hoped For The Best, Feared The Worst, Got Something Inbetween

    What do YOU look like... :-) I've been in and out of BA several times and they've never cared to check anything but my laptop.
  16. telegramguy

    Choose Another Holiday

    Man... at what point will Craig & Co. just come right out and call the pre-order money a loan?
  17. telegramguy

    200Mw / 500Mw Lasers... Burn!

    Dealextreme very much so enforces this... It's frustrating 2x because your paypal account has to have a credit card that's also based outside of the US.
  18. telegramguy

    200Mw / 500Mw Lasers... Burn!

    The Chinese... suppliers of cheap gadgets.
  19. telegramguy

    Questions About Preordering

    ... even when referring to "TI", there's like one dude. and i'm sure that he doesn't have a reminder in his weekly (or monthly) calendar to get pandora updates.
  20. telegramguy

    Garmin Nuvi 265Wt Gps Going Around 500 Mph

    I thought I would be able to rely on the iPhone for navigation but it's clear GPS-A is only good with lots of cellular coverage. The Nuvi 265WT can be had for around US$200 these days and comes with an SD slot for expansion too. Now where are the mame and other emulators? :-)...