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    Basically the same as any laptop, with the exception of the touch screen, due to rotation (they used a portrait screen in the Win 1 and Win 2). I had to have a script run the touch/display rotation on startup. The Win 2's chipset is actually supported by Intel unlike the Win 1, so power...
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    Been a long time since I posted. I've been around on/off since the GP2X. Ugh @ AA batteries and RCA video connections... wow what used to pass for awesome. I wanted a Pandora but lost patience following =(, Pyra more or less the same. I think some of the fanboys here need a reality check... I...
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    Computer Upgrades

    Everything you describe is normal desktop usage, which I will be doing. But I'm also doing development and server work on this. My Quad core CPU and 8GB of RAM are floored, almost all day serving content, thumbnailing, transcoding, and running a number of other services. Maybe you should have...
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    Computer Upgrades

    I've narrowed my choices down to 2 Server Motherboards... TYAN S7025AGM2NR, with 4x PCIe x16 Gen 2.0 Link Slots (LGA 1366 Dual Socket) SUPERMICRO MBD-X8DAH+-O with 2x PCIe x16 Gen 2.0 Link Slots, 1x PCIe x86 Gen 2.0 Link Slot in...
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    Your Phone Cant Blow Out A Candle Or Match!

    Neither, I have G00-G13.
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    Computer Upgrades

    I was thinking about storage and had a few ideas regarding them... yours seems to be one of the better ones. The motherboard I'm currently looking at for a dual socket solution would be a SuperMicro: This fulfills my requirements...
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    Your Phone Cant Blow Out A Candle Or Match!

    I have a DROID, and have been fending off Apple fanboys left and right since I bought the thing. I don't exactly have a high opinion of the iPhone with all the fanaticism... ...but that, is awesome.
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    Computer Upgrades

    I started another thread a while back about building a PC... and I'm at a point where I should probably upgrade again. I ended up with more or less what I was going for in the previous thread: 1x Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 on Water Cooling 3x EVGA nVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 GPUs Dual 800W PSU 8GB of...
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    Marketplace For Openpandora Commercial Games And Apps

    I was planning on doing something like this with POND, which will be all based on Jabber. I don't think DRM should be implemented, or even that there should restrictions on redistribution (of binaries and source code, at least). A store which is a Hybrid between our current app site and a...
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    Programming With The Pandora

    GCC, for one. You should have access to any open source compiler that can run on ARM. You could probably compile for ARM on ARM, into bytecode, or even cross compile to other archs (I don't know why you would, though). Add to that, you can use all of the normal interpreted languages (Python...
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    Next Generation Pandora

    The Atom doesn't use much power. Th chipset that comes with Atom does. Even if they slimmed the power consumption of the chip down, unless the chipset slims down with it you will not see much battery benefit. Our "overkill" battery of 4200mAh would turn into "bare minimum" with an architecture...
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    2 Questions About The Internet Connection

    Many of these devices simply use the standard USB serial driver and PPP. My modem is plug-and-play on Linux. Provided there is PPP (and optimally a dialer application) it should work fine.
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    Kde On The Pandora

    KDE 4.0 was horrid and crash happy, 4.1 was crash happy, 4.2 was ugly and crash happy. 4.3, I use at work. I don't use 4.3 at home for one reason: I have four screens and they're not all on the same framebuffer (so plasma doesn't cover them). 4.4 will likely fix this, and from that point on its...
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    New Unofficial Blog Feature: Live Chat

    For chat tech, why not use something like AJAXChat? I've been using it on my site for a while now, and it works pretty well.
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    Psp Power Supply

    AC: I have a PSP Charger, and an iGO Charger. Both work, but the PSP charger just seems to work -better-. I also have a generic car adapter, but you can't charge the unit using it. Charge to "full" on that adapter... an hour of MP3 playback with the screen off later and the device runs dry. The...
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    Licensing, Opensource, Commericalisation And Versioning Quandries!

    Since you're the sole owner and maintainer of the code, you can fork your code out as you wish. See below: Closed Branch 0.01 => 0.02 => 0.03 => 0.04 => 0.05 => 0.06 => 0.07 => .... Open Branch(GPL) ||______________________|| ________________0.03o => 0.03.1o_________||...
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    Xmms Rather Than Audacious?

    There are some nice things about AmaroK 2. Going forward, it will eventually be the superior player. Take your complaints / concerns to the AmaroK forum, like thousands of others have. The AmaroK developers aren't ignorant of the community fury going on over the UI layout. For me, the UI wasn't...
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    Custom Kayboard Layouts Are Not Possible

    I had asked about designing a Japanese keyboard layout for this device to ED a little while ago. I've been eyeballing design concepts since, as this could appeal to the electronic multilingual dictionary crowd quite a bit with the right software: Handwriting recognition like tomoe (we have a...
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    Pandora As A Pda

    Well, in this case, the Pandora behaves much more like a Linux desktop than the Nokia tablets. I don't think battery life is a concern, really, so we're in agreement. There are desktop-oriented suites aimed at this. We're running on X11, after all. These can be done on the Pandora itself, or via...