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  1. gruso

    Release 'music player daemon'-package (mpd+mpc+ncmpc)

    Thread title fixed. :)
  2. gruso

    For a weather app: which city do you live in ?

    Thread ended on request. :) More info here: http://boards.openpa...-pandora-clock/ http://repo.openpand...andoraclock-app
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    Microsoft XBOX ONE

    In theory Steam makes up for it with their sales. You can always save a big chunk off retail if you time it right, and there's a whole catalogue of cheap games ($2.50 - $10.00) all year round. I think I've only paid full retail for one major release on Steam (Skyrim, because I wanted it...
  4. gruso

    Microsoft XBOX ONE

    People shouldn't forget how successful Steam is, even though it is loaded with DRM, and prevents trading of used games. In theory Steam represents everything bad about digital delivery, yet it has done nothing but good for PC gaming. And gamers don't just tolerate it, they love it. I'm not...
  5. gruso

    USB charging

    Your questions are already answered, but I just wanted to clarify something. You seem to be concerned that using a USB charger rated at over 500mA is going to damage your Pandora. Nothing to worry about there, as amps don't work that way :) The charger sends 5V to the Pandora, and the Pandora...
  6. gruso

    [SOLD - CLOSED] Pandora console + accessories for sale

    Sorry to go straight off the sales topic, but if you're moving on I just want to thank you for the work you did. :)
  7. gruso

    Welcome Wally as mod.

    Pfft, Melbourne. (Actually Melbourne is great. Sydneysiders express their denial through insults.) So, much has happened this week. :o
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    Classic, non-upgraded preorders / Current status page?

    I think there may be a dual interpretation of "going to your head" here. The usual meaning is when someone gets egotistical or boastful - they are said to get a big head. "All that fame and success went to his head. What a wanker." But I don't think Foxgod meant it that way. I think he meant it...
  9. gruso

    Searching for ancient DOS game: Grand Prix. No, not that one.

    Indeed, nothing is truly abandonware until the developer says so (in which case it would be freeware / public domain). They still appear to be selling it too - see my second link above. I just went out on a limb and paid for the download pack. I'm not confident that I'm actually going to get...
  10. gruso

    Searching for ancient DOS game: Grand Prix. No, not that one.

    ^ That's the one. v2 remains elusive though. I came across that address, but I think those details are long dead. Found some more details though:
  11. gruso

    Searching for ancient DOS game: Grand Prix. No, not that one.

    So I found this cool little F1 management game to play in DOSBox. Year: 1989 Developer: Hole in the Wall Publisher: Wizard Games Shareware download: (So obscure it's not on MobyGames, but the publisher is) My problem: There are two versions...
  12. gruso

    cant unmount SD CARDS

    I can't give you a sworn statement or anything. :-p But in the all the time I've been using a Pandora, rotating through about a dozen SD cards and inserting/removing them countless times, I've never once had an issue. I only take this relaxed attitude towards FAT formatted cards though. If I've...
  13. gruso

    F1 Race Stars

    I haven't played anything remotely Mario Kart like since the N64. The last 'cute' racer I played was Joe Danger, and that lasted about an hour. I definitely don't like what they've done with the character models; they're fine as little cartoons, but for the most part they bear no resemblance at...
  14. gruso

    cant unmount SD CARDS

    As an aside, why are you running beta 5 and not the full release? On the unmounting topic, if your cards are FAT formatted you shouldn't have to worry about unmounting. As mcobit said just make sure no read/write operations are happening when you eject. If your cards are Ext* formatted or...
  15. gruso

    Release Polly-B-Gone

    I'd like to give that a go :) (with left/right on the d-pad for steering of course)
  16. gruso

    Release Spheres of Chaos

    Screenshot gallery. :) Stills don't really do this game justice, but there are a few decent ones in there.
  17. gruso

    Release Polly-B-Gone

    I really like this, but gosh it's hard :( Maybe I'm just a sook. I feel like it would be more comfortable if directional controls were relative (ie. left always moved you left on the screen, etc). Might be too much to change though.
  18. gruso

    Pandora Rebirth Edition for sale here buy it now.

    Are you running Mupen64plus at 400x240? That improves everything. Doesn't look quite as nice though.